"Lorelei Presents House Macabre #1" Comic Review

Written by James Ferguson


Published by StarWarp Concepts




Written by Steven A. Roman and Dwight Jon Zimmerman
Illustrated by Uriel Caton, Chuck Majewski, Lou Manna, John Pierard, and Juan Carlos Rendo
2014, 26 Pages, $1.99
Comic released on January 28th, 2014


The Cryptkeeper, Uncle Creepy, Cousin Eerie. All of them were noted hosts of horror anthology comics over the years. None of them were easy on the eyes though. Lorelei is about to change that with her very own anthology called House Macabre. The buxom succubus is home from her vacation after her adventure in Sects and the City and she's ready to share some spooky stories with you. The opening segment, written by creator Steven A. Roman and illustrated by Uriel Caton and Chuck Majewski, gives you a good idea of what you're in for with this title. Lorelei is far from a cobweb-covered ghoul. She likes her frights with a little fun.

The stories included in House Macabre range from the humorous to the emotional. The first tale, "All in Color for a Crime", follows an obsessive comic book fan as he hunts down a rare collectible, ready to go to any lengths to obtain it. The main character is your stereotypical loser that makes most of us nerds look bad. Right when you've had enough of this weirdo, Roman provides a nice twist to close out the story. Artist Lou Manna brings out the smugness that comes from a character like this, as well as his nemesis. They talk a big game when they're on the con floor, but at the end of the day one of them is a greasy, pimple-faced fat guy and the other has a mullet. There's no winner here.

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The other feature story, "Requiem for Bravo 6", feels a little out of place. It starts out as a basic mercenary tale where a group of soldiers take on some mobsters. The twist ending hits you right in the feels. It's a pretty great concept too. While it was a cool idea, it didn't seem to jive with an anthology titled House Macabre.

I found myself wanting to see more of Lorelei throughout the comic. Granted, I'm a guy and she's a scantily clad woman, so that could be part of it. Her personality makes her the immediate focal point whenever she appears on the page. It was the same case for her graphic novel. This would work if House Macabre was a bit more like Vampirella: Feary Tales. It's easy to make a comparison between the two comics as they're both anthologies starring a beautiful woman in a skimpy outfit. Unlike Vampirella, Lorelei flaunts her sexuality and has fun with it.

If you liked Sects and the City, you'll dig House Macabre. This gives us just a little taste of more Lorelei, which is always a good thing. I'd love to see more of her strange adventures and what other mischief she can get herself into. For now, we'll have to settle for her telling us a few stories.


Story: fourstars Cover
Art: threestars
Overall: 3.5 Star Rating

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