"Luna: Order of the Werewolf #1" Comic Review


Written by James Ferguson


Published by Famous Monsters Magazine



Written by Mark L. Miller & Martin Fisher
Illustrated by Tim Rees
2011, 32 Pages
Comic released on November 2nd, 2011



Werewolves have seen better days in the mainstream media of late.  Mark L. Miller (Nanny & Hank) and Martin Fisher have set out to give them a somewhat peaceful existence in Luna, published in Famous Monsters Magazine.  After being hunted to the brink of extinction, the lycanthropes find sanctuary up in the mountains, away from humans.  It's here in Luna that the werewolves resist their hunger for flesh and turn into vegetarians.  They're also free to roam around in their wolf form.

Of course, nothing ever works out peacefully when you're a monster.  A group of mountain climbers stumble upon the village after they're attacked by a rogue werewolf.  There's a bit of a struggle amongst the residents of Luna however.  Some are tired of this new way and seek to satisfy the hunger once more.  It's one thing to not eat meat when it's miles away, but it's quite a different matter when it literally walks through your front door dripping blood.

Luna presents an alternate take on werewolf lore.  These aren't the bloodthirsty beasts that you've seen in old monster movies.  Sure, some of them may have eaten people in the past, but these guys just want to live without the fear of being hunted down.  

Tim Rees handled the art on Luna.  His humans are rather bland.  The basics are covered, but it doesn't look like anything special.  Rees really excels with the werewolves though.  No two lycanthropes are alike.  All of them are different colors and different types.  Interestingly, the ones that are more peaceful have more human features while the others who seek to embrace the true werewolf way of life are much more animalistic.  Some of his close up work is great, too.  There's a two panel spread about halfway through the issue that I particularly liked.  The first is a shot of a man's eyes, weary and  worried.  The next panel is the same shot, but he has him transformed into a werewolf; his eyes much fiercer and it's here that he makes his decision.

Luna has a good premise with a version of werewolves that is rarely seen in the movies or comics.  The monk-like sanctuary for these creatures is tough to read without comparing it to the one set up by Oz in Buffy Season 8Luna is different enough to set it apart though.  The setup with the team of mountain climbers looks like it's going to create some more tension, not only amongst the residents of Luna, but within the group itself as events unfold.  Somehow I don't think this will be the kind of book that has them all joining hands and singing or learning kung fu.







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