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Vain 2 Large

Bouncing through the war with blood and fangs.

Tart 12 Large

Not the end, but an end as this indie comic closes its first chapter.

Last Halloween Vol 1 Large

There are worse crimes that bad candy on Halloween, but not many.

Lonely Receiver 3 Large

Nothing is as raw or intense as love...or the obsession it brings.

Web Of Venom Empyres End 1 Large

Knull is case you didn't know.

Scarenthood 1 Large

Being a parent is its own kind of horror, but this is something else.

Blue In Green Large

Music pulls you in for this haunting comic that will stay with you for some time.

Autumnal 2 Large

Small town horror that seeps into your bones.

Immortal Hulk 39 Large

Body horror reaches new heights as the character continues to be redefined.

Tart 11 Large

An important lesson is learned about time travel and hunting demons.

Spectress Sabanion 1 Large

Don't open the mummy's tomb. Never open the mummy's tomb.

Department Of Truth 2 Large

It's all real. Every bizarre conspiracy theory you've heard. It's all on the table.

Hellsing Deluxe Edition 1 Large

Blood, guts, and JNCO jeans.

Madam Satan 1 Large

Burdened by the weight of what's left unfinished.

Big Girls 3 Large

Monsters are people too...literally.

Werewolf By Night 1 Large

A new monster lurks in the Arizona desert.

Vain 1 Large

Just when you think you have this comic figured out, it pulls a fast one.

Immortal Hulk Threshing Place Large

Another terrifying tale of the Green Goliath's past revealed!

Dc Doomed And Damned Large

Check out the scary side of the DC Universe in this new anthology.

Lonely Receiver 2 Large

A creepy Tamagotchi awaits.


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