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Jimmys Vendetta 1 Large

An undead hitman avenges his own death in this futuristic take on The Crow.

Osaka Mime Large

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Silver Coin 2 Large

A slasher at a summer camp? This sounds familiar.

Spider Man Spiders Shadow 2 Large

This is not the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man anymore.

Proctor Valley Road 3 Large

Being suspected for murder isn't going to stop these girls.

Hailstone 1 Large

Seriously, stay out of the woods.

Eden Large

We all deal with loss in different ways. This one is more horrifying than others.

Sea Of Sorrows 5 Large

The watched pot boils over as this series finale explodes in blood and chaos.

Fear Case 4 Large

The box is opened and all kinds of horrors are unleashed. What next?

Babyteeth 17 Large

It's the end of the world as we know it, just not what we expected at all.

The Swamp Thing 3 Large

Something new is built while paying homage to everything that's come before.

Outcast 48 Large

This series full of pain and anguish gets a happy ending.

Frank At Home On The Farm 4 Large

The unsettling end to this eerie comic sticks the landing.

I Breathed A Body 4 Large

You'll need a shower after reading this comic.

Department Of Truth 8 Large

A trip to the Denver Airport gets even more unsettling.

Once And Future 18 Large

If you thought things were crazy before, just wait until you read this issue.

I Walk With Monsters 5 Large

The literal monster is the least scary part of this comic.

Shadecraft 2 Large

Zadie and Ricky reunite, but not in a typical sense.

Spider Man Man Thing 1 Large

The wall-crawler deals out some advice as horrors rain down from the sky.

Knock Em Dead 5 Large

The ghosts of dead comedians aren't the only threat to Pryor's life.


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