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Avengers 45 Large

King in Black is over, but vampires are still very much a threat.

Raise Hell 1 Large

Teen comedy meets satanism in this fun indie comic.

Young Hellboy 3 Large

Fun and adventure meet horror as this mini-series rockets towards its finale.

Locke Key Sandman 1 Large

Two epic series deliver one epic crossover.

Autumnal 6 Large

You won't look at the fall in the same way again.

Proctor Valley Road 2 Large

Forget Route 66. Get your scares on this stretch of highway.

Modern Frankenstein 1 Large

Modern day medical drama meets classic monster literature in this new series.

Department Of Truth 7 Large

Another history lesson awaits as the momentum for this series continues to dwindle.

Spider Man Spiders Shadow 1 Large

The dark path not chosen is revisited as the What If series returns.

Hollow Heart 2 Large

A bit of happiness turns to anger at a moment's notice as EL realizes what has been kept from him.

Batman 107 Large

New players and old scares rise in Gotham City.

Silver Coin 1 Large

A monkey's paw-like story gives way to blood and flames.

King In Black 5 Large

At long last, Knull gets his comeuppance, albeit a rather abrupt one.

Bottoms Up Hard Liquor 1 Large

Demon-infused alcohol is the least of the problems on display in this new comic.

Avengers Curse Of The Man Thing 1 Large

The Man-Thing gets a major makeover as this new series is off to a great start.

Dame From The Dark Large

The newest private eye on the scene has some help from beyond the grave.

Shadecraft 1 Large

Being afraid of your own shadow takes on new meaning in this debut issue.

I Breathed A Body 3 Large

You'll want to delete all social media after reading this comic.

Kib Ghost Rider 1 Large

Some loose ends are wrapped up for Johnny Blaze and of course, there's a big symbiote dragon.

Alien 1 Large

Is this finally my way into the Alien franchise? Or is this another by-the-numbers story?


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