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Shadecraft 1 Large

Being afraid of your own shadow takes on new meaning in this debut issue.

I Breathed A Body 3 Large

You'll want to delete all social media after reading this comic.

Kib Ghost Rider 1 Large

Some loose ends are wrapped up for Johnny Blaze and of course, there's a big symbiote dragon.

Alien 1 Large

Is this finally my way into the Alien franchise? Or is this another by-the-numbers story?

Shadowman 1 Large

The horror side of the Valiant Universe is reborn.

Moonshine 23 Large

Werewolves hit New York City and no one is safe.

King In Black Scream 1 Large

Andi Benton embraces her darker half in a battle against Knull.

Lady Baltimore 1 Large

Lord Baltimore may be dead, but his mission against monsters continues.

Stray Dogs 2 Large

The canine murder mystery continues in a super tense read.

Thistlebone Volume 1 Large

Not that I needed it, but here's another reason to stay out of the woods.

Kib Wiccan Hulkling 1 Large

Nothing ruins a honeymoon more than gooey aliens.

The Plot 8 Large

In order to receive, first you must give. That eerie phrase takes on new meaning in this series finale.

Maniac Of Ny 2 Large

How far would you go for the best bagels and pizza in the country?

Demon Days X Men 1 Large

An all-new take on the Marvel Universe begins here.

Man Bat 2 Large

A misunderstood monster just can't catch a break as the Suicide Squad comes calling.

Resonant 8 Large

From one island to another, but none of them are paradise...or are they?

Kib Captain America 1 Large

Steve Rogers fights back the only way he knows how.

Nottingham 1 Large

A new bloody take on Robin Hood begins.

Batman 106 Large

The Scarecrow delivers the scares in this new status quo for the Dark Knight.

Kib Thunderbolts 3 Large

All new hero teams carry around a corpse, right?


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