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Nocterra 1 Large

Finally a world where my pasty self would feel right at home.

Department Of Truth 6 Large

Take a trip down memory lane to the beginnings of the Department.

I Breathed A Body 2 Large

This comic will make you want to delete all your social media.

Stray Dogs 1 Large

Take a Disney movie. Now add more murder.

Nailbiter Returns 10 Large

The tense horror comic comes to an end, but the door is left open for much more.

The Crossroads At Midnight Large

This collection presents one terrifying tale after another.

Something Is Killing The Children 15 Large

The monsters have been defeated. Now what?

Lovesickness Large

Next time these kids should just stick to fortune cookies.

Hollow Heart 1 Large

A beautifully tragic love story begins between a monstrous robot man and his mechanic.

Family Tree 11 Large

A young girl turns into a tree and all hell breaks loose.

Terminal Punks 4 Large

The airport was never this crazy, but you never had to deal with giant mutant animals at the security checkpoint.

Black Friday 1 Large

Your shopping trips were never this bloody, were they?

Snow Angels 1 Large

This Snowman is definitely not Frosty.

King In Black 4 Large

After three issues of beatdowns, the heroes finally fight back.

Young Hellboy Hidden Land 1 Large

Hellboy was getting into trouble even as a kid.

Sabrina Something Wicked 5 Large

Teen drama meets horror as this mini-series comes to a close.

Hulk Flatline Large

A face from the past packs a gamma-powered punch in this new one-shot.

Vain 5 Large

The vampires hit the present, but is this the end of the line?

I Walk With Monsters 3 Large

Target acquired, but it's going to take some work to defeat this particular monster.

Zom 100 Volume 1 Large

A zombie apocalypse is a great time to make a bucket list of things to do in life.


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