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Shadow Over Innsmouth 1 Large

Take a trip to Innsmouth and meet some lizard people.

Immortal Hulk 42 Large

The Green Goliath takes a back seat as the supporting characters take center stage.

Night Train Large

A horror version of the Polar Express is not something I was prepared for.

Gantz Omnibus 1 Large

A second chance at life leads to more death and destruction.

I Breathed A Body 1 Large

What would you do for social media exposure?

Night Cage Volume 1 Large

Half-naked women fight half-naked vampires. Cool.

Kib Thunderbolts 1 Large

A band of villains heads into the fray to “help” out against Knull's invasion.

Slow Pokes 1 Large

If sloths were fast, they would murder you in a heartbeat.

Home Sick Pilots 2 Large

That's one bizarre lucky horseshoe.

Gwenom Vs Carnage 1 Large

Another solid tie-in to King in Black, as Gwen's symbiote gets a little weird.

We Found A Monster Large

Casey sees monsters everywhere and it's getting harder to hide them.

Last Dance Large

These certainly aren't ruby slippers.

Vain 4 Large

Stay cool, man. Join a cult. It's the '70s. Everyone's doing it.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 10 Large

Knull's forces continue to terrorize the stars and the Guardians are on the scene to stop them.

Autumnal 4 Large

A visit to the local library has never been this frightening.

Kib Planet Symbiotes 1 Large

Check in with Scream and Ravencroft as Knull's forces invade Earth.

Knock Em Dead 2 Large

Pryor died and came back...but not alone.

Berserk Deluxe Edition 1 Large

Unparalleled action in a dark fantasy setting? Sign me up.

Future State Swamp Thing 1 Large

Plants rule the world and Swamp Thing sits on the top of the food chain.

Venom 32 Large

Eddie Brock has fallen, but he's not done yet.


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