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Knock Em Dead 2 Large

Pryor died and came back...but not alone.

Berserk Deluxe Edition 1 Large

Unparalleled action in a dark fantasy setting? Sign me up.

Future State Swamp Thing 1 Large

Plants rule the world and Swamp Thing sits on the top of the food chain.

Venom 32 Large

Eddie Brock has fallen, but he's not done yet.

Clodagh 1 Large

Don't you just hate it when a witch crashes a wedding and beheads the groom?

Dwellings 1 Large

Ever wanted to see Richie Rich bludgeon someone to death? You're in luck!

Remina Large

What's that in the sky? It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...a giant tongue?!

Early Haunts Large

This collection of stories that influenced classic authors falls a little short.

Nailbiter Returns 8 Large

If you thought your ex was bad, just wait until you meet this one.

Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 0 Large

A talking panda is somehow not the strangest thing in this book.

Dead Dudes Large

If the Ghostbusters were bros, this would be them.

Batman Annual 5 Large

Delve into the origin of Clownhunter in this beautifully illustrated comic.

Gideon Falls 27 Large

This insane comic comes to an end and sticks the landing in an amazing fashion.

Scarenthood 3 Large

You try holding it together as a single parent haunted by a supernatural creature and see how you do.

Orient Volume 1 Large

Musashi and Kojiro are two buds that want to kick back and fight a giant chicken demon.

Ghost Rider Return Of Vengeance 1 Large

It's a bat out of hell, but not like Meat Loaf.

Eighth Immortal 1 Large

A dysfunctional family like no other sprouts in these beings that live forever.

Werewolf By Night 3 Large

Are we really still telling the origin story at this point?

King In Black 2 Large

Hope is fading fast as Earth's heroes try to figure out a plan.

Sea Of Sorrows 2 Large

I didn't need another reason to stay out of the water, but this book definitely gave me one.


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