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"Spectacle #6" Comic Review

Written by James Ferguson

Published by Oni Press

spectacle 6 00

Written and illustrated by Megan Rose Gedris
2018, 26 Pages


Anna is still trying to figure out who killed her sister, Kat. You'd think that it would be easier since Kat is flying around as a ghost that only she can see, but the investigation has proven rather difficult. They've ruled out a few of their co-workers in the traveling circus. Now some folks are mutating by growing strange horns or large walrus-like tusks. I'm very curious as to if and how these two things are related.

Where the first volume of Spectacle takes time to establish the setting, premise, and characters, this one is expanding the story a great deal. It has the benefit of all the groundwork creator Megan Rose Gedris already laid out. The fact that only a select few people know that Kat was murdered and didn't die of natural causes adds a layer of suspicion to every interaction. It makes you wonder if each person Anna speaks to is hiding something.

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In this issue, that is most definitely the case with Eve and Lynn, the conjoined twins. They are delighted that others are mutating and joining them in the freak show. Gedris illustrates their discussion in a menacing manner, as if they're plotting something sinister. They're so close since they share a set of legs, so it's like they're constantly conspiring against everyone.

Complicating matters further is the discovery that Kat is not the only ghost roaming around the area. This is where the horror elements in Spectacle are played up considerably. They both glow an eerie light green, but that is where the similarities end. These other ghosts are nothing like Kat. She's expressive and lively while these others are soulless drones, stuck in a specific task which happens to be blocking Kat from investigating another colleague.

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This is just the beginning, as Spectacle #6 expands upon the ghost mythos by leaps and bounds. This creates some rather unsettling sequences as Kat goes on the defensive against a mysterious entity. We get a glimpse into Anna's dreams in a very stark sequence shown in black and white, although the coloring is flipped, like how Batman: The Animated Series is painted with black paper and white lines. Kat sticks out here as this shiny beacon of hope, which is a little funny because she's so very dead.

Spectacle enters a new level with this issue. It still has the quirky charm that has come to define the series, except now it comes with a heaping helping of terror, which makes for an odd yet awesome combination. I'm more excited about this series than ever.

Spectacle can be read online for free at SpectacleComic.com with one new page appearing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It can also be read digitally through ComiXology.


Story: fourandahalfstars Cover
Art: fourstars
Overall: 4.5 Star Rating

About The Author
James Ferguson
Lord of the Funny Books
James has a 2nd grade reading level and, as a result, only reads books with pictures. Horror is his 5th favorite genre right after romantic comedy and just before silent films. No one knows why he's here, but he won't leave.
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