"Twisted Tales of Madness and Murder: The Resolution" Comic Review

Written by James Ferguson


Published by Twisted Publications




Written by Rick Tobin
Illustrated by Tadd Galusha
2012, 26 Pages


I have no statistical evidence to back it up, but crimes of passion seem to happen a lot.  Of course, my barometer for this theory is based solely on the movies, TV shows, books, and comics that I've been exposed to.  Twisted Tales of Madness and Murder: The Resolution merely adds to this idea.

John is doing great.  It's New Year's Eve and he's going to ask his girlfriend Rebecca to marry him.  What could go wrong?  Well, she could be sleeping with his best friend for one.  A year later, John is holding a grudge and he's ready to take revenge against the woman that broke his heart...and it's going to be bloody.  At first this seems to be a pretty cut and dry torture-porn comic, but there's a great little twist that comes along and changes everything.

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The Resolution has some good setups throughout the issue, but it jumps around a bit within this relatively short story.  There's John, then there's the twist angle, followed by the cop that's investigating the whole mess.  It's like writer Rick Tobin rushes through a three-act play, but there are pieces that are lost along the way.  The cop at the end is where things really fall apart.  He's thrown in as a way to provide a final conclusion, but he adds nothing to the overall story.  There are several panels wasted while developing a character that's basically a wannabe member of Michael Chiklis' crew from The Shield.  He curses and talks like a depraved teenager seemingly for shock value only.  This is an actual piece of dialogue: I told myself I wouldn't get hard anymore when I look at female corpses.  What?

This issue ends right when things get interesting.  It's very abrupt.  I know there is another issue of Twisted Tales of Madness and Murder due out, but I'm not sure if the next comic will have any ties to this one. There's also a film version of The Resolution in the works.  I hope some of the gaps will be filled in with the expanded space to tell the story.

Tadd Galusha's artwork is pretty solid.  Everything is presented in black and white, which takes some of the emotion out of what John is up to; although the cartoonish smile he has while he's hacking into his ex-girlfriend didn't help.  There are a few panels that look like something out of a newspaper comic strip but with a helluva lot more violence.  

Twisted Tales of Madness and Murder: The Resolution is a noble first effort but needs a bit more work.  The story takes some interesting turns but doesn't necessarily reach a destination.


Story: 2.5 Stars Cover
Art: threestars
Overall: 2.5 Stars

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