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Venom 26 Main

"Venom #26" Comic Review

Written by James Ferguson

Published by Marvel Comics


Written by Donny Cates
Illustrated by Iban Coello & Juan Gedeon
Colored by Jesus Aburtov
Lettered by Clayton Cowles
2020, 32 Pages, $3.99
Comic released on July 15th, 2020


The Maker (the villainous Reed Richards of the Ultimate Universe) has been pulling strings for a bit in the pages of Venom, not to mention Absolute Carnage. What has this mad man been up to? Well, we're about to get an idea as “Venom Beyond” begins. Looking for answers as to what's going on with his son, Dylan, Eddie Brock seeks the help of the Maker, but instantly regrets that decision.

While I like where this arc is heading from this first issue, I have a problem with the overall premise. Writer Donny Cates has raised Venom's status in the Marvel Universe to the point where Eddie has had chats with the Avengers, informing them about Knull's impending arrival. With all the resources at the disposal of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, why is Eddie beating up thugs for information about a shady warehouse where a villain is hiding out? Couldn't he just ring Iron Man and ask him to scan his kid? Seems weird to me.

Aside from that, there are some fun moments leading up to the inevitable chaos. The opening pages have a great and creative way for Venom to take down some local criminals. It's amazing to see how Eddie and the symbiote work together, even when they're not in direct contact. The artwork here is awesome, particularly a panel showing the symbiote engulfing Eddie's body. I'm not sure who handled this shot, as both Iban Coello and Juan Gedeon are credited as artists on this issue.

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Seeing Eddie interact with Dylan is telling. He's used to being thought of as less than, so he's trying so hard to be a halfway decent father to this kid. Making this even more difficult is the fact that a literal god is on the way to Earth and Eddie is probably the only one capable of stopping him. That adds a monumental amount of stress to his life, like he's trying to get Dylan in a safe spot before everything goes to hell.

Virus makes a return here, although I will admit I'm not very familiar with the character, so his impact didn't pack a punch for me. I believe he was supposed to make a debut in the Free Comic Book Day issue, but I don't think that has come out yet. He certainly looks pretty cool, like a symbiote version of Iron Man. He's the monkey wrench that's thrown into everyone's plans, leading to an impressive showdown between him, Venom, and the Maker.

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Letterer Clayton Cowles uses a number of different fonts for the combatants here. This shows the different corners these characters come from and they're all frightening.

Colorist Jesus Aburtov uses a nice mix of colors in Venom #26. There are bright blues and yellows, speaking to the sci-fi side of the story. These blend with the dark greys and blacks for the horror angle. They come together for an exciting palette that speaks to the variety this series has to offer.

Venom Beyond” is shaping up to be a pretty big deal. That's saying something considering how many big deals this series has already delivered. This book continues to go in new and interesting directions that are still just as creepy as ever. The stakes are raised now with Dylan's involvement. For perhaps the first time ever, Eddie Brock has something to fight for, and more importantly, something to live for. This changes the game entirely, making things considerably scarier.


Story: fourstars Cover
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Art: fourstars
Overall: 4 Star Rating

About The Author
James Ferguson
Lord of the Funny Books
James has a 2nd grade reading level and, as a result, only reads books with pictures. Horror is his 5th favorite genre right after romantic comedy and just before silent films. No one knows why he's here, but he won't leave.
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