"Vincent Price Presents #28" Comic Review


Written by James "Spez" Ferguson


Published by Bluewater Comics



Written by Paul H. Birch & Mel Smith
Illustrated by Mats Engesten
2011, 36 Pages, $3.99

Comic released on March 23rd, 2011



It's the Vincent Price Centennial and what better way to celebrate 100 years of the horror icon than with a comic book featuring a story from the man himself?  The latest issue of Vincent Price Presents is The Return of Dr. Phibes, a crazed murderer / composer who is killing people in strange ways across New York City.  Phibes is attempting to reach through to the other side to bring his dead wife back to life and he doesn't care who dies.  It's up to some hard-nosed detectives to put a stop to this lunatic before he can finish his dastardly plan.  

This issue has a quick, but fun, story.  It also features the most creative and entertaining deaths I've seen in any horror book.  Seriously, a guy gets killed by angry pigeons that crap on him and then fly right into his face.  I will never look at pigeons the same way again.  Please show me another comic featuring a panel like this:


Click image to enlarge.


But that's not all!  A man also gets beheaded when he opens his umbrella.  I don't know exactly how that works, but Phibes was behind it and it looked awesome.  Plus the confused look of the man's dog is worth the price of admission.

While the story isn't bad, the dialogue is a little hokey.  This issue takes place in 1999, but the characters are talking like they're in the 1950s with lots of clichés and over-explanation.  No one talks like that and it hurt the book overall.

Mats Engesten's art is OK, but it's nothing to write home about.  It does have the feel of some of the old Tales from the Crypt books so that's a good fit for Vincent Price Presents.  Some of his characters look slightly unfinished, though.  

The Return of Dr. Phibes is a fast read, but it's a fun horror story.  Between the aforementioned creative murders and Phibes' elaborate final plan, the issue is a fitting tribute to Vincent Price on the 100th anniversary of his birth.







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