"Voodoo Trespass" Comic Review


Written by James Ferguson


Published by Visionary Comics



Originally published in Digital Visions #4

Written by Sam Johnson
Illustrated by Bruno Letizia
2010, 10 pages

Comic released on December 21st, 2010




After years of stories featuring established characters in comics, I can imagine that it's difficult to introduce a brand new character in their own universe.  Sam Johnson has set out to do that with his creation, Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman.  If that description doesn't peak your interest then you're in the wrong place.

Johnson performs double duty with this issue by providing Cabra Cini's origin as well as the setup of the world she lives in.  We meet our heroine as she's setting out on a job to take out some schmuck that accidentally killed his girlfriend while playing vampire.  

Cabra is on the case and steps into the Infinity to get to her target.  This place works like Event Horizon, folding space and time to bring the user from her current location to whereever she needs to go.  It's not a quick journey, though.  Cabra has to make her way through an ever-changing landscape and the rulers of this domain don't like her passing through their backyard.  They pull elements from her past to try to shake her, but she's prepared to fight her demons and any others that may come her way.  This is business.


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The art by Bruno Letizia is a little unpolished but it flows well with the story.  He really excels with some of the supernatural elements such as the setup in Cabra's apartment and the battle in the Infinity.  Letizia has some interesting choices in the way some of the panels are set up as well, using shadows or silhouettes to show the characters in a cinematic view.

Cabra Cini makes her debut in this collection of comics and she does so with a bang that provides just enough information.  This is a perfect setup story.  No time is wasted bogging down the premiere story with her origin and her voyage to her current standing.  She's an established hitwoman using voodoo to get the job done and she always gets the job done.

Interested in checking this out?  You can head over to Drive-Thru Comics (requires an account) or WOWIO (no account necessary) to download Digital Visions #4 for free.

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