Warlash: Zombie Mutant Genesis #0 Comic Book Review

Written by James "Spez" Ferguson

Published by Asylum Press


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Written by Frank Forte and Eric Rochford
Art by Aleksander Sotirovski and Frank Forte
2009, 26 pages (+ extras)

Comic released on August 11th, 2007



If a title like Zombie Mutant Genesis doesn't catch your attention, then you're in the wrong place.  With a title like that you can't help but at least flip through the pages of this book from Asylum Press.  This issue is a preview of a larger story featuring Warlash, a more brutal Batman-esque character in the post-apocalyptic version of Pittsburgh as he investigates the strange murders that have been happening in his town lately.  The victims have been left diseased and it looks like they've been partially eaten.  Warlash (presumably named such because he's a warrior and has a big metallic ponytail) begins his search in the sewers.  After rescuing a girl from a thug, he finds a fresh kill.

As mentioned above, this is mainly a preview issue.  Unfortunately that's where this story ends.  That's also just the first half of the book.  The rest is another preview for a different Warlash story showing our hero hunting down a mutant, only to be led into the lab of the evil and large-brained Genesyne.  He does battle with his muscle-brained and well-armed creation, Vein, amongst giant test tubes filled with bodies.  This story ends just as it's getting interesting, too, but there's just enough here to whet my appetite.

The art duties on this issue are split up by story.  The first half are done by Aleksander Sotirovski with writer Frank Forte taking over for the second.  Everything looks pretty clear and the bodies are sufficiently gross, but there's still an amateur feel to the book.  In a way that both helps it and hurts it.  On the one hand you can clearly see that this isn't a book from one of the larger publishers, but on the other that's refreshing because this art that has its own unique style that doesn't fit into the superhero mold.

The back of the book has as preview of DTOX and a showcase of the progress of the cover art drawn by Ben Olsen (which looks awesome, by the way).  It's also presented in full color with no ads.  You're not going to be getting into the story only to flip the page and be forced to stare at an ad for some kids game or energy drink.

This issue is just a taste of what this full story, dubbed Warlash: Zombie Mutant Massacre, is about.  It's pretty straightforward.  There are zombies.  There are mutants.  Potentially there are zombie mutants.  And they all have to die. Warlash is the man to do it.






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