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  • The Cannibal Club

    The Cannibal Club Large

    Giuseppe takes a trip to South America to check in on the aristocratic cannibal life.

  • Lifechanger

    Lifechanger Poster

    In an ambitious effort to capture the human condition, Lifechanger delivers a familiar story about an outsider trying to get inside, and there is something relatable in the downfall of this complex character.

  • Afraid

    Afraid Cover

    From the creator of the MTV series Punk’d comes Jason Goldberg’s directorial debut.

  • The God Inside My Ear

    The Night Eats The World Cover

    The God Inside My Ear is a detour into a psychedelic ride through the Twilight Zone—and we are sitting sidecar for the trip.

  • The Executioners

    The Executioners Cover

    If getting revenge is sweet to you, then check out The Executioners.

  • Cold Hell

    Cold Hell Cover

    Recently released on Shudder, Cold Hell is a densely packed fast-paced horror-thiller done right. Add this to the top of your queue ASAP.

  • Amityville: The Awakening

    Amityville The Awakening Cover

    Will a return to Amityville make Giuseppe want to run back to Brooklyn?

  • The Shadow Man

    The Shadow Man Cover

    Is The Shadow Man another run-of-the-mill Creepypasta adaption, or does it hit a stride among the pack?

  • Son of Sam: The Hunt for a Killer

    Son Of Sam The Hunt For A Killer 02

    Investigative Discovery’s latest is an insight into one of the worst summers in US history, and the documentary lets viewers relive the insanity felt throughout New York City in 1977.

  • Stake Land II

    Stake Land Ii Cover

    Another trip to the stake lands doesn’t live up to the original’s caliber, but the end result is an vamp-hunting, emotional adventure flick worth checking out – especially if you’re a Stake Land fan.

  • Phantasm V: Ravager

    Phantasm Ravager Cover

    Eighteen years have passed and finally the fifth and final installment of the Phantasm franchise has been released to polarizing reviews... but where does this Phantasm die hard stand?

  • The Thinning

    The Thinning Cover

    Ever since the boom of the dystopian sub-genre there has been an influx of Hunger Games imitators (a rip-off in its own right), and The Thinning follows tread in the shadow.

  • Wolf Creek: TV Series

    Wolf Creek Cover

    After a brief vacation from Horror DNA, Giuseppe survived Wolf Creek and Mick’s murderous rampage, emerging from the Outback with a new series for the hounds to check out.

  • Sun Choke

    Sun Choke Us Small

    A delve back into daylight sends Janie off her hinges as this art house chiller shifts into high gear midway thru, but leaves question marks after the curtain fades.

  • The Levenger Tapes

    The Levenger Tapes Cover

    Do you want to add another found-footage flick to add to the stockpile?

  • Girl in Woods

    Girl In Woods Cover

    It’s simple: Girl in Woods

  • The Other Side of the Door

    The Other Side Of The Door Cover

    It's simple; The Other Side of the Door is a noble but unsuccessful attempt at the haunting genre.

  • Green Room

    Green Room Poster

    Jeremy Saulnier’s latest effort is a swiftly paced punk rock themed venture into trepidation and sheer brutality. One of 2016’s best. Watch it.

  • The Haunting of Alice D

    The Haunting Of Alice D Cover

    A noble attempt at the “haunting” subgenre trips out of the gate, although in the end catches up to speed before the credits roll. But is it too late?

  • The Corpse of Anna Fritz

    The Corpse Of Anna Fritz Dvd

    Would you have sex with a corpse? What about a celebrity's corpse? Some characters in The Corpse of Anna Fritz would. The question is why?