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The Girl Who Hid In The Trees Steve Stred Large

Remember your folks telling you not to venture into the forest? You should have listened!

The Auld Mither William Meikle Book Large

Head to the north of Scotland for some slice and dice local hospitality!

Foe Iain Reid Large

Superb genre-bending thriller about a lottery you do not want to win!

Kinfolk Matt Kurtz Large

Grindhouse Press dishes out the pain in blood-soaked cannibal hillbilly horror.

Zombie Cross Stitch Kristy Kizzee Erika Kern Large

Get your thread and needles; you're about to get your cross-stitch on.

Eaten Alive At A Chainsaw Massacre Poster

Zig checks out this book on the films of Tobe Hooper.

Borderlands Volume 01 Thomas F Monteleone Large

Make a run for the Borderlands if you dare.

Black Rite Allen Caraway Poster

Is it ever a good idea to bring back the dead?

The Armour Of Light Andrew Webb Poster

 A British haunted house novel to avoid.

Victoria Jason Parent Poster

Beware an itsy bitsy spider called Chester! She'll seriously mess you up...

Radio Run Eddie Generous Poster

Big monsters, giant insects, and believable characters make Radio Run a fast page-turner.

Black Wings Megan Hart Poster

A child genius brings a heap of deadly problems to a struggling family.

Hark The Angels Scream Christopher Golden Poster

Angels aren't the only ones screaming in this chilling anthology.

The Gorehounds Guide To Splatter Films Of The 1980s Scott Aaron Stine.poster

Zig checks out this highly opinionated guide to horror.

Hells Beginning John T M Herres Poster

Unappealing tale of a sadistic serial killer on the prowl.

Campfire Scott Sarles Poster

A killer stalks unfortunate campers in fast moving YA debut.

Elevation Stephen King Poster

Oddly uplifting tale of a man who loses weight but retains the same outward appearance.

A Deep Horror That Was Very Nearly Awe J R Hamantaschen Poster

If you are looking for happy endings, look elsewhere.

Stranded Renee Miller Poster

A reality show heads to the Arctic looking for TV ratings, but finds something much worse.

Cursed By Christ Matthew Warner Poster

Christ is watching and he is pissed.


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