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Creepshow Cover Large

 Recaptures some of the original’s EC Horror stylings.

That Texas Blood 16 Cover Large

 The calm before the storm in the hunt for the Red Queen Killer.

Dark Spaces Cover Large

Brand new fro Scott Snyder and IDW Comics

Nita Hawes Nightmare Blog Tpb Cover Large

What shared universes should aspire to.

Blood Stained Teeth Issue 1 Cover Large

A vampire world where social status counts big.

I Hate This Place Cover Large

For fans of Gideon Falls and Home Sick Pilots.

Down River People Large

Myers' past comes back to haunt him in this chilling graphic novel.

The Conjuring The Lover 1 Large

This is far from your typical college experience.

Basilisk 1 Large

Five people gain super powers and leave a trail of bloodshed behind them.

Nice House On The Lake 1 Large

A vacation away from the city leads to terror in the wilderness, but not what you might think.

House Of Fear 7 Large

A classic childhood rhyme is taken literal in this all-ages horror comic.

Immortal Hulk Time Of Monsters 1 Large

The Hulk has been terrifying people for 10,000 years, apparently.

Hollow Heart 3 Large

Is freedom worth the cost of vengeance?

The Sleep Stories Volume 1 Large

Well, I'm never sleeping again after reading this comic.

X Men Curse Of The Man Thing 1 Large

The fiery touch of the Man-Thing hits Krakoa as this series reaches its conclusion.

Nocterra 3 Large

Get ready for a horror version of The Fast & The Furious.

Jimmys Vendetta 1 Large

An undead hitman avenges his own death in this futuristic take on The Crow.

Osaka Mime Large

Write your blurb for front page announcement here.

Silver Coin 2 Large

A slasher at a summer camp? This sounds familiar.

Spider Man Spiders Shadow 2 Large

This is not the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man anymore.


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