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Tales From Harrow County 2 Large

Monsters and adventure await.

Red Mother 2 Large

Haunting visions get even scarier when there's a literal monster lurking in them.

Hag 1 Large

Don't go in the water.

Justice League Dark 18 Large

The Upside Down Man returns and there's a dragon too.

Witch Hunter 1 Large

A new twist on the Salem Witch Trials begins.

Manifest Destiny 40 Large

A Cinemax movie goes horribly wrong.

Books Of Magic 15 Large

What if your future self was a jerk?

Martian Manhunter 11 Large

J'onn J'onzz fights his past to save his future.

Killadelphia 2 Large

So it turns out there's more than one President who was a monster.

Doll Island Large

There are way better date spots than this.

Venom 21 Large

You can't keep a good Carnage down.

Nightmare 1 Large

I'll never look at the term “Sleepyhead” the same way again.

Revenant Part Two Large

It takes a monster to hunt a monster.

Bad Bad Place Large

Disturbing horror strikes in a small town and no one will ever be the same again.

Wellington 1 Large

The Hounds of Baskerville gets a new twist in Aaron Mahnke's comic debut.

Ghost Rider 2099 Large

We'll still need vengeance in 80 years.

Basketful Of Heads 2 Large

A head literally rolls in this comic.

Question Deaths Of Vic Sage 1 Large

A quest for justice takes The Question down into the bowels of Hub City.

Cult Classic Creature Feature 2 Large

Teenagers enjoy the last normal day of their lives before it all gets bloody.

Once Future 4 Large

The Round Table was never this scary.


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