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Werewolf By Night 3 Large

Are we really still telling the origin story at this point?

King In Black 2 Large

Hope is fading fast as Earth's heroes try to figure out a plan.

Sea Of Sorrows 2 Large

I didn't need another reason to stay out of the water, but this book definitely gave me one.

Department Of Truth 4 Large

If you over-explain a joke, it's not funny. Same goes for horror and scares.

Vain 3 Large

Another jump forward in time is met with a by-the-book FBI report.

King In Black Immortal Hulk 1 Large

The Hulk meets symbiotes in this beautiful and horrifying Christmas comic.

Resonant 6 Large

So many arcs come to a head in this explosive issue.

Once And Future 14 Large

Rose steps up to face off against the Green Knight.

Stillwater 4 Large

Take a trip back to the early ‘90s, when people stopped dying in this small town.

The Willows Large

An eerie trip down the river gets supernatural.

Death Kanji Large

When your boss asks you to find something, you do it, even if that means fighting a monster.

Lonely Receiver 4 Large

If you thought this series was weird before, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Venom 31 Large

Eddie Brock literally falls from grace as King in Black rages on.

Mountainhead 5 Large

If you thought this book was scary before, just wait until you see what's on the mountain.

Lonesome Days Savage Nights Large

A hardboiled private eye story with a werewolf? Yes, please.

Red Mother 11 Large

Poor Daisy finally meets the cultists that have been pulling strings in her life for ages.

Home Sick Pilots 1 Large

A haunted house is one thing, but a walking haunted house is quite another.

Scarenthood 2 Large

A walk through the park has never been this ominous.

Necromancer Bill Large

Laugh one moment, cringe the next in this horror comedy comic.

Tomb Of The White Horse Large

When a mysterious box arrives, maybe don't open it right away.


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