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Grimmfest 2011 FestivalIt's Grimm up north. Charlotte Stear talks to the Grimmfest Festival organisers about Manchester's premiere horror, sci-fi and fantasy film festival.



Tucker And Dale Vs Evil Small

Follow the events at the UK's largest horror film festival as Daniel Benson posts live updates while the action unfolds.

Dirk Manning Interview CoverJames sits down with Nightmare World creator Dirk Manning.


Legend Of The Psychotic Forest Ranger SmallDaniel Benson talks to Brad Mills about his up and coming movie that promises a return to 80's cheese, The Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger.


Batman Live Arena Tour ReviewCharlotte Stear checks out stage-dwelling super heroes and villains in the Batman Live Arena Tour.



Paul Campion InterviewCharlotte Stear chews the fat with Devil's Rock director Paul Campion.


lloyd kaufman interview coverHorror DNA's ZigZag meets up with Lloyd Kaufman at TromaDance and the two discuss the festival, the future of independent filmmaking and, of course, transvestites.


Hideo Nakata InterviewHideo Nakata talks white-faced ghosts, American remakes of J-Horror Classics and his new movie, Chatroom.

Jamin Winans InterviewCharlotte Stear interviews Ink writer and director Jamin Winans


Cruel Britannia Horror ChannelAs the Cruel Britannia Season starts on Horror Channel, Steven Sheil gives us his thoughts on independent filmmaking and the state of the British horror film industry.

EricsmallEric Forsberg is the director of The Asylum's hit Mega Piranha, as well as the writer for such films as Snakes on a Train and War of the World's 2. Horror DNA staff member, ZigZag, had a chance to sit down and talk with Eric about his past, current and future projects and working with The Asylum.



Mike Flanagan Small

Steve Pattee interviews Oculus writer/director Mike Flanagan on his past projects, future projects and a good place to live when moving to LA.

Tom Mes Small

Milos talks to Asian Cinema guru, Tom Mes.


Jennifer Lee Wiggins Interview

Sham interviews actress Jennifer Lee Wiggins.

Steve Pattee interviews horror novelist Brian Keene.

Steve Pattee talks with Kevin Kangas about Fear of Clowns and other projects.

Franklin Guerrero Jr. Interview

Franklin Guerror Jr, director of The 8th Plauge and Carver, answers a few questions from Daniel Benson.

Adam Green Interview Cover

Daniel sits down with Hatchet director, Adam Green.

Fear Of Clowns 2 Cover

Steve Pattee reports from the set of Fear of Clowns 2!

Dylan Bank Interview Banner

Steve Pattee interviews Nightmare director, Dylan Bank.


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