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Rich Tommaso Interview Main

James chats with the writer / artist as Dark Horse celebrates the 20th anniversary of his comic.

House Of Fear Main

James chats with...James about the all ages horror series coming soon from Dark Horse Comics.

Faithless 1 Main

James chats with the writer of the new demonic series from BOOM! Studios.

Devil May Cry 5 Large

Devil May Cry 5 composers Jeff Rona and Cody Matthew Johnson talk about their work on the music for the video game.

Blackwood Large

Get lost in slow-burn horror short Blackwood online for free.

Things Horror Taught Me Large

Horror offers life lessons for all of us, but are you paying attention?

Top 20 Horror Movies Of The 1980s Large

We were sure R.J. was dead and were ready to throw him a New Orleans-style sendoff, but right before we were going to pull the trigger on payment, he hits us with this list. Welcome back, R.J.!

We Are The Tigers Large

I genuinely thought this was how cheerleader sleepovers went anyway. 

Folklore In Horror Large

Are you interested in the role of folklore in horror? Willing to participate in a university study? Angry Scholar would like to hear from you!

Ringu The Ring Main

After 20 years, Hideo Nakata's Ringu still terrifies.

House Of Fear Guest

The writer of House of Fear shares his picks for spooky funny books for all ages from his son.

Christa Carmen Excerpt Large

Author Christa Carmen shares an excerpt from a story in her latest collection, Borrowed Something Blood-Soaked.

Michael Welch 01

Stuart talks with The Final Wish actor, Michael Welch.

Tony Todd Interview 01

Candyman himself, Tony Todd, chats with Stuart about his upcoming film, The Final Wish.

Nikki Stier Justice Poster

Nikki Stier Justice, COO of Good Deed Entertainment, shares the benefits of moving the studio from Los Angeles, California, to...Ohio?

Obsideo Poster

Check out the conclusion to Brian Kirk's Obsideo!

Stuart Monroe Best Discoveries Of 2018 Main

You thought Stuart was done with two 'Best of 2018' lists? No, sir! He had one more in him!

The Nun Blu Ray Cover

With the home entertainment release of The Nun imminent, we take a detailed look at The Conjuring Universe timeline.

Pt Remake Slider

Interview with Radius Gordello, the developer behind the complete remake of P.T. that's scaring gamers all over again.

Obsideo Poster

Author Brian Kirk's Will Haunt You arrives in stores soon, and Horror DNA is fortunate enough to take part in its prequel, Obsideo. Check out part 2!


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