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Labyrinth Poster Large

Take a trip with Dr Rachel Knightley to discover the films that led her to the genre

Interview Charles Band Poster Large

Stuart has a chat with Full Moon Features founder, Charles Band.

Lew Temple Interview Poster Large

Stuart has a discussion with Lew Temple, star of such things like The Walking DeadThe Devil's RejectsLimbo, and more!

Night Worms Thunderstorm X Night Worms March 2020 Main

Steve unboxes the Night Worms package the same month it's delivered? This is a miracle.

Night Worms Horror Addiction February 2020 Main

Addiction is the theme for February's Night Worms.

Night Worms Miscreations January 2020 Main

It's that time again; another great package from Night Worms!

Night Worms Winter White Winter Fright December 2019 Main

As usual, Steve is a little late to the unboxing party, but Night Worms December package "Winter Night, Winter Light" is oh, such a delight.

Night Worms Hex Education October 2019 Main.jpg

Get your pencils and papter and prepare yourself for Night Worms' "Hex Education".

Hunt A Killer Chestnut Falls Episode 01

Steve dons his deerstalker and prepares to investigate a murder in Chestnut Falls.

Loot Crate Main

Sure, it's a few months late, but that didn't stop James and his kids from tearing into this box.

Night Worms A Storm Is Coming September 2019 Main

Steve checks out the latest package from Night Worms.

Night Worms Large

Steve checks out the latest package from Night Worms.

May 2019 Loot Crate Unboxing

James cracks open the Nemesis-themed box with some nice horror items.

April 2019 Loot Crate Unboxing

Are they even trying anymore?

March 2018 Loot Crate Unboxing

Oliver takes center stage as we get back into the swing of these unboxing videos.

Loot Crate Cover

James opens up the Cursed box with his two co-hosts that could not be more disinterested.

Carcosa Rise Of The Cult Part 03 Poster

The final shipment of CARCOSA: Rise of the Cult is here at last.


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