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Necropolis Legion Poster Large

Eva is bad news, but Lisa doesn’t care. She wants the truth even if it takes a bite out of her.

American Hunt Poster Large

The thrill of the hunt where man is the prey.

The Lost Footage Of Leah Sullivan Large

Explore the murder house. Bring a camera. What could go wrong?

Daniel Isnt Real Poster Large

Maybe those imaginary friends from childhood are left behind for a reason.

Knives And Skin Poster Large

A haunting musical both weird and beautiful.

Prophecy Large

Nature bites back in this 1970s eco-horror flick.

Mermaid Down Large

Smart writing, fantasy, horror, and female empowerment combine in a swim you need to be prepared for.

Big Trouble In Little China Large

John Carpenter and Kurt Russell shake the pillars of Heaven in this 80s cult classic.

Mary Poster Large

Get your life jacket and a flare gun. You’re going to need ‘em.

Robocop Large

The ultra-violent classic gets an upgrade.

Dracula 1979 Large

Dracula returns as a sympathetic anti-hero in this lavish 1970s adaptation.

Marla Large

Marla lacks the bite it promises.

Woman Chasing The Butterfly Of Death Large

Zig checks out this truly bizarre slice of Korean cinema.

Trash Large

Don’t dig too deeply in the town landfill…the garbage isn’t the worst thing there.

Happy Face Poster Large

From 2019, Simi takes a look at Happy Face.

Dead Dicks Poster Large

What do you get with multiple dead brothers called Richie?

Holiday Hell Large

Break out the Santa suit and whiskey, grab your bloody dreidel, and carefully pick the perfect Christmas horror.

Puppet Killer Poster Large

A sure-fire festival favourite.

Door In The Woods Large

If you go down in the woods today... you might find a door?

Smiling Woman Large

No one that smiles like that can be trusted, especially when they can text you without a damn phone!


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