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Trick Large

Is Trick a treat?

Harpoon Poster Large

Chekhov's harpoon gun.

Killer Nun Large

From the secret files of the Vatican!

Empathy Inc Large

Mulling it over, if you need a VR program to feel empathy, you might already be a sociopath.

Red Letter Day Poster Large

A missed opportunity to explore a breakdown of society.

The Legend Of The Stardust Brothers Poster Large

A film that took 34 years to get a western release.

Porno Poster Large

Clear your internet history after reading.

Come To Daddy Poster Large

Elijah Wood and Stephen McHattie face off in one of the most surprisingly hypnotic horror films of the year.

Beyond Evil Large

John Saxon gets in trouble with a vengeful ghost.

Pledge Night Large

Pledging a fraternity can be murder.

Tales From The Lodge Poster Large

Write your blurb for front page announcement here.

Secta Siniestra Large

The devil is a sperm donor in this wacky Spanish chiller.

The Vineyard Large

Death comes to wine country.

Mermaid Lake Of The Dead Uk Dvd Cover Large

From the watery depths, a Russian supernatural tale.

Momo The Missouri Monster Large

Momo delivers a healthy dose of weirdness and campy cryptozoological goodness.

Replace Large

What’s that dry patch you feel on your hands? It’s not at all what you’re thinking…

Killer Sofa Large

I got nothin’ can be a compliment, too. Check this out…

One Cut Of The Dead Large

The hype is real.

Eat Brains Love Poster Large

Can a zombie love story bring anything new to the table?

Criminal Audition Poster Large

It shows some promise, but Criminal Audition doesn't hit the mark.


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