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Twd S05e06 SmallFor those of you who have been waiting for your Daryl and Carol episode, wait no more! The platonic duo are the centerpiece of "Consumed", this week’s episode of The Walking Dead.



Twd S05e05 SmallIt's criminal that this episode wasn't called Tennessee Tophat.



Twd S05e04 SmallAn isolated dip in quality or a disappointing return to form for The Walking Dead? Steve and Dan discuss.



Twd S05e03 SmallDan and Steve find another solid offering in this third episode of The Walking Dead's fifth season.



Hemlock Grove The Complete First Season CoverNot as quirky as Twin Peaks or Dark Shadows, but kids new to the genre will eat this series up.

CoverThe Following has a great cast and is not afraid of pushing the envelope on network TV, but it can be better. Much, much better.

twd-s05e01-smallThe Walking Dead returns along with Dan and Steve's episode discussions! Is Steve still down on the dead? Read on to find out!



CoverZig comes late to the party and starts watching the top genre show on television!

Mountain Monsters CoverRichelle takes a look at one of the most bafflingly ridiculous episodes of reality TV.

Unsealed Alien Files CoverRichelle finds the season three premiere of Unsealed: Alien Files to be paranoia driven television geared towards people who don't bother to search for concerete proof.

CoverMike takes a trip down memory lane with Monsters and finds the scenery unchanged.

walking-dead-s4-e16-coverSteve and Dan have a difference of opinion on both this final episode of The Walking Dead and its season as a whole.

Warning! This recap contains spoilers!

Walking Dead S4 E15 CoverIs this season of The Walking Dead really just a remake of the second season, but with more woods?

Walking Dead S4 E14 CoverMany people consider what happens in this episode shocking. Steve, however, is not impressed.

Walking Dead S4 E13 Cover

After a brief glimpse of what The Walking Dead is capable of in episode 12, we return to mediocrity in episode 13.

Warning! This recap contains spoilers!

Walking Dead S4 E12 CoverIt’s being reported that millions of women spontaneously got pregnant after this episode of The Walking Dead.

walking-dead-s4-e11-coverAfter weeks of the same old, same old, The Walking Dead is almost back to form.

Walking Dead S4 E10 CoverGet on your comfortable shoes because there’s a lot of wandering around in this episode of The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead S4 E09 CoverThe Walking Dead returned on Sunday after its mid-season hiatus. With their prison home destroyed, the group split up, and Carl struggling to find both his place and a worthy father figure, will Rick be able to reunite his people and earn his son’s respect? Not in one episode, no.

Warning! This discussion contains spoilers!


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