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Sally Face Cover Large

A double feature of Super Rare Games: Mundaun and Sally Face. Ready to get weird?

The Quarry Poster Large

New Teen-Horror Game from Supermassive Games and 2K Coming June 10th

Kingdom Of The Dead Poster Large

FPS horror with a pen and ink flavour.

Saint Kotar Poster Large

Test your faith in this point-and-click mystery set in the cursed town of Sveti Kotar, Croatia.

Hidden Deep Header Large

What is hidden in the deep?

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Header Large

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has been revving chainsaws since 1974. Now, it's getting an asymmetrical multiplayer game.

Killing Floor 2 Chop Til You Drop Poster Large

Grab your weapons and kill some Zeds this Christmas.

Happys Humble Burger Farm Poster Large

Are you ready to work the night shift at Happy's? Don't make mistakes. There are worse things than being fired.

In Sound Mind Poster Large

First person action survival horror, with added puzzles.

Back 4 Blood Poster Large

What do you want in your stocking this Christmas?

Darkwood Poster Large

Feel the fear of survival this Halloween with Darkwood.

Sinister Halloween Poster Large

Fill your Halloween with action-packed horror in Sinister Halloween and maybe win a Steam key for yourself.

Akai Noroi Poster Large

In love with Asian horror? Grab a torch and try AKAI NOROI. You'll need it.

Maid Of Sker Game Cover Large

Maid of Sker is Alien Isolation and Resident Evil if they were inspired by Welsh folklore.

Last Of Us Part Ii Cover Large

So the first The Last of Us wasn't actually the last of us?

World Of Horror Large

Explore the doomed town of Shiokawa in this retro, Junji Ito-inspired RPG of cosmic horror. You'll love every step into insanity.

Man Of Medan Cover Large

Supermassive Games is setting sail into interactive horror once more. Will you be getting on board?

Slender The Arrival Large

Ryan re-enters the horrors and myths of Slender Man in Slender: The Arrival, now on Nintendo Switch.

Telltale The Walking Dead Final Season Large

Ryan takes his final bite of The Walking Dead, a seven-year story of human emotion and zombies.

Telltale The Walking Dead Final Season Large

Join Clem on the final leg of her journey in The Walking Dead: The Final Season (Ep 1-3) in preparation for the final episode on Monday 26th March.


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