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Tonys Five Years Of Reviews Poster Large

Tony Jones has been with us for five years now! Check out his top ten favorite books during this time!

Eating Miss Campbell Poster Large

Liam Regan brings his post-Bloody Banjo movie to FrightFest

The Eyes Below Poster Main

Alexis Bruchon brings his middle-of-trilogy film to FrightFest 2022

Hunt A Killer Whodonut Poster Large

The Friday Fun Gang solves a mystery.

Ali Chappell Interview Poster Large

Get to know Horror DNA's own triple threat, Ali Chappell!

Throw Me To The Wolves Poster Large

In celebration of their upcoming release, Throw Me to the Wolves, authors Christopher Brooks and Lindy Ryan share some insight into their process.

Brian James Gage Poster Large

Author Brian James Gage shares this interesting piece with us.

Human Tenderloins Craig Wallwork Poster Large

This is a personal essay by me, so of course, there is a LOT of [email protected]%!ng swearing.

A Black And Endless Sky Poster Large

Author Matthew Lyons shares some of his favorite road trips from books, films, and even a podcast!

Hold My Place Poster Large

In celebration of her latest release, Hold My Place, Cassondra Windwalker talks about some of our favorite things: Monsters!

Spontaneous Human Combustion Richard Thomas Poster Large

Spontaneous Human Combustion author Richard Thomas stops by with another interesting look into his writing process.

The Vigil Poster Large

Richie looks back at the horrors of the past year.

Steves Horror Favorites 2021 Poster Large

Shocking that this is late. SHOCKING.

Joel Top 10 Main

What did Joel enjoy most in 2021? Find out inside...

Tonys Top 10 Reads Poster Large

Tony shares some of his favorite reads of the past year.

Top 10 Horror Comics 2021 Main

Our resident comic book guy ranks the best spooky funny books of the year.

Cultic Poster Large

Imagine if DOOM was set in the mid-century with a cult after you... That's CULTIC!

Demon Spore Header Large

Demon Spore, an infectious indie title seen in #PitchYaGame, is growing...

October Nights Kevin Lucia Poster Large

In celebration of his latest release, author Kevin Lucia shares some insight into his writing.

Jason Vorhees Tin Poster Large

R.J. dives into the hidden gems of Etsy.


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