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10 Inspirations for Slasher Comic Poser

Written by Matt Miner & Clay McCormack

Poser from Waxwork Comics leaped onto the scene recently with a splash of blood. The comic, written by Matt Miner, illustrated by Clay McCormack, colored by Doug Garbark, and lettered by Taylor Esposito, tells the story of a new urban legend hacking and slashing his way through Los Angeles.

Matt and Clay shared some of the horror inspirations that led to the comic and why you should check them out below. Poser was previously only available directly through Waxwork with a vinyl soundtrack. The first issue will be available at your local comic shop sans soundtrack on September 5th, 2018 with the second issue following on October 3rd.

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The quintessential fucked-up-family story intertwined in the silent, stalking slasher tale. There have been many imposters, but only one story of mama Voorhees and her baby boy Jason and it would be pure ridiculousness to pretend that Poser doesn't owe a lot to this entire franchise. – Matt

deep redBuy TITLE from Amazon UK/US


While I prefer Argento’s supernatural films more overall, Deep Red really strikes a great tone of heightened realism (but not TOO over the top), dark shadows, and great design. Being able to go back and forth between light and dark was very important in Poser, and Deep Red was a great stylistic guidepost for my art. - Clay

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I look at Dario Argento's films as masterpieces in suspense and mood – nobody does it better – and I'm constantly inspired by his use of lighting and color. The whole team took a lot of cues from this classic supernatural horror film when thinking about settings, ambiance, and color, in crafting a world that feels both fantastic and nightmarish. - Matt

seven blockBuy TITLE from Amazon UK/US


Comics artist Jorge Zaffino has been my number one stylistic influence across the board in all my comics work, and Seven Block, though a fairly obscure work, is his one long-form foray into horror comics. It’s dark, it’s messy, and the shapes and shadows really become their own character in the story, which is a vibe I really wanted to try and get for Poser. – Clay

suburbiaBuy TITLE from Amazon UK/US


Suburbia is the ‘80s punxploitation classic that spoke to a generation of disaffected youth and helped shape my growing-up-years. A sharp look at a group of smart young kids, angry at the injustices of the world and bored to tears in regular polite society that still resonates today. My one sentence pitch for Poser is “it's Friday the 13th meets Suburbia” and I stand by it. – Matt

declineBuy TITLE from Amazon UK/US


While I’m a massive horror fan that bleeds Deep Red, I didn’t have a super deep working knowledge of the ‘80s punk scene. I wanted to get the down and dirty, grimy, honest take on the era, and “Decline” really helped me get a handle on the styles, the highs, and the lows of classic punk. - Clay

get outBuy TITLE from Amazon UK/US


Though we were in production on Poser already when the brilliant Get Out was released, it made me think hard about the race relations in our book and double and triple check my work. Black folks in slasher stories don't usually get treated too well, and that's not a trope I like at all. Get Out was absolutley inspirational in its unapologetic messaging. – Matt

trilogyBuy TITLE from Amazon UK/US


The album Trilogy by Carpenter Brut was my go-to soundtrack for working on Poser, and were the sounds I heard in my head as Matt and I were developing the concept. Brut’s mix of retro synth sounds and modern heavy guitar really feels like the sonic godfather for Poser. - Clay

piecesBuy TITLE from Amazon UK/US


What, you thought if I noted a horror-comedy flick I'd go with Deathgasm or Return of the Living Dead? A bit too on the nose, no? Like the horror-metal band GWAR, Pieces reminds me to not take myself so damn seriously. Gore can be gross, gore can be funny, and Pieces is the chainsaw-massacre that delivers with a wink and a nod. – Matt



When I work, I like to have stuff on in the background that is in line with the mood or genre of the piece I’m working on, and Shudder came up huge with their excellent selection of classic Italian giallo films, many of which I hadn’t seen before. It really kept me in the headspace of that style of horror film, and also allowed me to pick up some visual tricks and tropes that I think make Poser feel even more akin to that era. Also, it’s great to put this in writing, just in case I ever get audited for writing off my Shudder subscription on my taxes, so win win! – Clay

 Poser #1 and #2 are currently available for pre-order at your local comic shop. Use order code JUL182295 for Poser #1 and JUL182296 for Poser #2. Be sure to hurry though as the final order cutoff date for both titles is August 3rd!

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