One, Two… Freddy’s coming for you.

Three, Four… Better lock your door.

Five, Six… Grab your crucifix.

Seven, Eight… Better stay awake.

Nine, Ten… Never sleep again

From 1974 until 1982, the horror genre was dominated by a seemingly endless wave of slasher films in which masked killers followed one of three plot trajectories and stalked teenagers either deep in the wilderness, during a school function or on any given calendar holiday. By 1984, the craze was dead and the longest lasting franchise, Friday the 13th was calling it quits with an unprecedented fourth entry in the series. Seven months later, New Line Cinema introduced a character that quickly rose to the front of the pack with enough charisma to reach mainstream audiences more than any previous cinematic villain. The character returned for six sequels, one crossover film, and a 2010 remake.

The A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection, from Warner Home Video gathers the first seven films in the franchise together for the first time in a 5-disc Blu-ray set. Originally available as a Best Buy exclusive back in October, it is now available in stores everywhere, this edition has awakened the desire to reflect on the life and crimes of the master of terror, Freddy Krueger.

In A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) is a recurrent figure in the nightmares of Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp), a high school student with some serious family drama. She quickly learns her friends are sharing similar visions and to make matters worse, if this boogeyman kills you in a dream, you will die in reality. Nancy uncovers the fact that the community was responsible for Krueger’s death and that he has returned to claim their children as a vengeful Pied Piper. Nancy is the first to figure out that Freddy survives exclusively on the fear you feed him and that he can be rendered powerless by consciously taking that fear away. Director Wes Craven revitalized horror by introducing the character that would launch a hundred imitators. The film is also notable for bringing Johnny Depp to the big screen as Nancy’s unfortunate boyfriend Glen.

Memorable Freddy Quotes:

Freddy taunts Nancy after killing her boyfriend Glen by calling her on a recently disconnected phone: “I’m your boyfriend now, Nancy.”

Freddy chases Tina and stops to intimidate her by cutting off his fingers. She calls out “Oh, God.” Presenting his glove, Freddy claims “THIS is God.”

Best Kill:

A teenager is sucked into his bed only to be liquefied and showered across the ceiling.

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