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A True Monster Mash-Up – Kirk Scroggs Talks We Found a Monster

Interview conducted by James Ferguson

After re-imagining Swamp Thing as a high school student in The Secret Spiral of Swamp Thing, creator Kirk Scroggs sets his sights on some more monstrous characters in the DC Universe with We Found a Monster. Told in a similar format to Swamp Kid with a spiral notebook from the main character, Casey Clive, the all-ages graphic novel introduces us to all sorts of creatures while juggling the perils of high school life. I had a chance to speak with Kirk about the book, monsters, and more.

Casey has always loved monster movies; in fact, he considers himself something of an expert on the subject. He spends his day doing normal kid things, like attending school and riding his bike around his town of Serena Mar-and filling his journal with helpful ways to take care of the various monsters who live all around them, who no one else seems to know exist.  

But as Casey delves deeper into the history of his spooky friends-or are they fiends?-he uncovers more than just skeletons in the closet. Turns out there's a Frankenstein and maybe a werewolf tucked in there, too! And he's just starting to wonder if it's possible that his new friend, Zandra, has a secret of her own, as well...  

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James Ferguson: Who is Casey Clive?

Kirk Scroggs: Casey Clive is the ultimate monster movie nerd. He lives monsters, breathes monsters, drinks and eats monsters—not literally (his favorite cereal is Coco Crypt). Not just any monsters. He’s strictly into the classics like Dracula, the Mummy, and Frankenstein. When the new kid, Zandra, shows up and tries to get him into dragons, trolls, and other fantasy creatures, he’s not having it. He’s like the goth clerk at the record store who won’t admit he secretly likes One Direction. A monster hipster! Of course, behind the scenes, Casey actually has a stash of real monsters. They started showing up on his doorstep just after his mom passed away. He harbors them and tries to keep them out of trouble. They’re his buddies, and he needs all the friends he can get. An outcast, struggling through middle school and living alone with his dad, Casey is in need of some adventure and a fresh take on life. Zandra and her own, um, special friends are just what the doctor ordered.

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JF: I know We Found a Monster is set in its own world, but how does it pull from the greater DC Universe?

KS: Casey and Zandra’s world is definitely adjacent to Gotham City and Metropolis. It’s the little seaside town of DC. There are all sorts of Easter eggs for the DC super fans.

JF: Are these new monsters or taken from the roster at DC or both?

KC: Speaking of Easter eggs. The DC vault is full of monstrous and weird characters and I’ve plugged a few of them into this world. There are some deep cuts like a giant, pink, furry hominid named Spot to fan favorites like the shape-shifting sabertoothed kitty, Teekl. I also plucked some classic monsters from literature like Frankenstein and others from folklore, like a haunted umbrella Yokai monster from Japan.

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JF: There is a wide assortment of monsters in this book. Do you have a favorite? I know that's probably like asking you to choose between your children.

KS: Well, I’m always partial to tragic figures like Frankenstein. My version of Franky is stitched together from various other creatures, so he has some cool features like an invisible arm and werewolf legs. He’s a true monster mash-up!

Horror DNA would like to thank Kirk Scroggs for taking the time to speak with us. We Found a Monster is set for release on January 13th, 2021.

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