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Patience, Colorado is aptly named. Sleeping under snow for entirely more months than reasonable, breathtaking views and impassable mountains make for an isolated and firmly anti-busy town. Unbeknownst to them, a shockwave is coming that will wake it from its peaceful slumber. And that’s not to mention the alien that crash landed and has taken up a post as the resident doctor.

NYCC debuted the rough premier of SyFy’s alien dramedy with laughs, cheers, and surprise. The 2020 series stars Alan Tudyk (seriously, he’s doing about a million shows this year) as a stranded alien with a secret mission who’s stuck in Colorado until he can find a way out. Unfortunately for him, he’s posing as a physician. And Patience is in need of a physician...since theirs was murdered.

The show looks hilarious. Tudyk makes a stiff, unrelatable alien positively charming and empathetic. The plot, adapted from the Dark Horse comic book by former Family Guy producer Chris Sheridan, has layers upon layers that are unlikely to lose steam even over several seasons. The supporting cast includes a beatboxing, tough-but-unchallenged sheriff (Corey Reynolds), a flirty bartender with a liver of steel (Elvy Yost), and a nurse who can see Harry isn’t who he’s pretending to be (Sara Tomko as Asta). Also the powerful space alien’s nemesis is an eight year old boy.

The show quickly falls into the trap of the hero comes to town to save a battered woman rut with Harry and Asta, but Family Guy isn’t known for great women’s roles either. The pilot doesn’t pass the Bechel test, even with a dead body as the dude in question, but Sheridan does advise future episodes will delve into the history of more residents and the underbelly of Patience, meaning there’s room for this pitfall to close up.

Resident Alien has whip-smart punctuations of humor and a plot you can sink your teeth into. Syfy2020 is looking promising.

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