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As a fan and creator of such stories in the genres of horror and sci-fi, it is important for me that the elements that resonate with the audiences are and will continue to be present through the titles under AHR Visions. My horror influences stem back to the films of the 1920s, '30s and '40s. The first horror film I saw was Nosferatu (1922), which features one of the first on-screen representations of the "media vampire". It was actually inspiring for me as it depicts a "sinister" villain without the overwhelming level of special effects, as in some of today's current translations. The presentation depended on the utilization of growing-suspense with structured storytelling, as opposed to spectacle and shock. To this day, it is still considered a blueprint of how horror is to be visually laid-out...in light of the fact that the villain is only on screen for a total of nine minutes in the film.


In regards to sci-fi, I love the properties that play on all levels that makes one go..."Wow" or "What just happened?" at the end. Stories with a genuine twist provide good depth to the pace of its content. I stress "genuine"...as there are forced attempts made that ultimately take away from the intent due to predictability. The original Twilight Zone, which played in both realms of sci-fi and horror, showed how to balance story, pacing and flow, while keeping the viewer at a constant state of uncertainty.


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What I want the audience to see is a sincere presentation of such traits from any title that comes from the AHR Visions studio. Currently, we are in development of a couple of titles that will play up the horror factor significantly...with a dash of sci-fi to mix.


One of those titles, WAR, will be something special that fans will not expect, as it will have all the traits of a grand, epic sci-fi production...but ultimately descend into the halls of horror and suspense in a direction that will leave readers in shock. I believe that "monsters" should be scary. That doesn't mean the removal of certain variables...as that is what adds to the appeal of these creatures/characters. But, I am a traditionalist of sorts that believes a "watered-down" version of such translations does nothing for the strength of the genre. When you look at the vampires in films and comic titles like Nosferatu, 30 Days of Night and The Strain...these are not creatures you want to be around voluntarily. Still, there's that level of intimacy involved when they attack as subtly or aggressively, depending on the creature in question, that draws fans in. The two genres (horror and sci-fi) can dabble in each other's arenas, depending on the property...which is what this particular AHRV title will do.


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As the studio's varied catalog expands, other titles will follow that will be strong in traditional horror formats as well as mergers with other genres, as WAR will depict. The goal is to keep the level of fantasy ever-changing and diverse. Variety is important when presenting something to an audience. It's important to provide story-rich content with strong visuals that do justice to the titles that have preceded them.


Horror (and sci-fi) is a respected arena for a reason, as they invoke traits from an audience that are basic foundations of the human condition. Fear, curiosity, excitement...the list can go on...are all feelings and emotions that this genre can pull from an audience at any given time. Done right, it is a powerfully entertaining segment of pop-culture.


In the times to come, AHR Visions will pay homage to the genre/industry through our comics, gaming and other multi-media platforms. We want the fans to have no doubt in the quality of our brand when they see any of our titles.


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