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Chatting Blossoms 666 and the Anti-Christ with Cullen Bunn

Interview conducted by James Ferguson

This January, the Archie Horror line expands with Blossoms 666 from writer Cullen Bunn, artist Laura Braga, colorist Matt Herms, and letterer Jack Morelli. The five-issue mini-series follows the wealthy and popular Jason and Cheryl Blossom as you know and love them...except one of them is the Anti-Christ. Both of them are fighting for the title and no one in Riverdale is safe.

I caught up with writer Cullen Bunn to talk about the project and Archie Comics supplied some new exclusive, never-before-seen artwork from the debut issue which you can check out below.

James Ferguson: What drew you to Jason and Cheryl Blossom as the center of this story?

Cullen Bunn: Jason and Cheryl are great characters, troublemakers thrown into a group of good-natured teens. But they are likable and charismatic and popular... just like all the troublemakers I remember from school... all the kids I was just certain had sold their souls to the devil. In the case of this story, of course, that's totally true. Jason and Cheryl provide us with some awesome opportunities for wickedness and deviltry... and that's before any supernatural elements come into play. And the sibling rivalry between them really amps things up. That rivalry is something no other Riverdale character gives us, and we dig deep into that idea.  

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JF: Is Blossoms 666 set in its own world? Is there a chance we'd see other Archie Horror titles tie in down the line?

CB: Never say never, I guess, but I've written this as a story that takes place in its own world. We're starting from the ground up with this one--a new world, featuring the characters you know and love in ESSENTIALLY the roles you're familiar with. There's just a demonic candy center under the surface. A fresh start gives us a lot more potential to take these characters in interesting directions. And, let's face it, it gives me a larger pool of victims to draw from. 

JF: How is it working with Laura Braga on Blossoms 666? The early images look incredible.

CB: Laura is an amazing talent, and she is perfect for the tone of this book. It was important that this be a horror book that didn't LOOK like a horror book. The images are bright and vibrant and inviting. It's the world of Archie, after all! When you peel back the pretty skin of this story and see the darkness and gristle and blood underneath, it is startling and unsettling and perfect. 

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JF: You had previously described Blossoms 666 as “part Omen, part Cruel Intentions, and all Archie.” How do you think Jason and Cheryl would fair against Damian?

CB: Damian? You mean the little kid from The Omen? That brat didn't know what he was doing. The forces of darkness were just protecting him. The Blossoms, on the other hand, know exactly what they're doing. They are movers and shakers. They make things happen themselves. Their conviction would give them the edge over Damian... assuming they can keep their sibling rivalry from tearing them apart. 

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JF: With all the horror comics you write, do you ever want to sit down and just write a silly romantic comedy?

CB: Sure, sure. I daydream about writing all sorts of different stories. A rom-com would be a lot of fun. The chance cute meet encounters, the burgeoning love, the missed connections you hope will have another chance, the ancient evil just waiting to rekindle its love affair with are pitiful and worthless world. 
I screwed it up, didn't I?

Blossoms 666 #1 is set for release on January 23rd, 2019. It will feature a standard cover by Laura Braga and variant covers by Joe Eisma, Francesco Francavilla, Robert Hack, and Vic Malhotra.

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