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CULTIC: DOOM in the mid-century with a cult?

It’s no secret that retro is in right now. As in as your foot in a cultist’s face in upcoming old-school inspired shooter, CULTIC. In the self-described “crunchy 90s cultist-slaying horror FPS,” you’ll be running, sliding, jumping, and dodging your way through a cult that wants nothing more than to see you dead. Well, game on.

Do we know why they want you dead? Not yet.

Does it even matter? Not when killing the cultists looks this fun, it doesn’t!

With a range of fun, gore-splattered and explosive weapons like a handgun, shotgun, machine gun, throwing axe, molotovs, and dynamite, it’s never look more incredible to fight your way through a cult while heavy rock blasts in the background.

There’s also a demo available, so get it downloading and then let’s sit down with the sole indie developer of CULTIC, shall we?

6 questions with the developer behind CULTIC:

Ryan Noble: How did CULTIC come about?

Jason Smith: CULTIC came about due to my love for old-school shooters that I played in my youth, married with themes and concepts from horror games I played as I got older - Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, etc.

It's a game I've wanted to work on for a long time, and the general idea for the story and concept has been bouncing around in my head for years, but prior to 2016 I hadn't touched 3D at all, and after I started, it took quite a while before I felt like my art/modelling skills were up to snuff to finally start on the game.

I've tried to get CULTIC off the ground a few times, but always failed to find an art style that I liked. When the current art style really starting catching eyes on Twitter, I knew it was finally going to happen!

RN: How long have you been developing CULTIC?

JS: CULTIC has been in development since January of this year - so roughly 11 months now.

RN: What's the reaction to the CULTIC demo been like? Did anything surprise you?

JS: It was really cool to see the organic hype that generated around the demo, because it all happened very fast. I hadn't announced that I was working with 3D Realms yet, and I dropped the demo a day before Realms Deep [a digital event focused on shooters] so I could test it on Steam and make sure it worked properly. It wasn't publicly announced at all, and wasn't in Steam's catalogue, so you'd have to specifically search for it, but still, folks managed to find it immediately.

No more than an hour after I uploaded it, someone had already played it, and by 3 hours, Alpha Beta Gamer had already uploaded a video:

People noticed that it was listed as a 3D Realms game, and that got some buzz going on Twitter. Then when Realms Deep happened and the trailer started rolling, the chat was abuzz with "CULTIC? Is this CULTIC?" - it was really, really cool.

Reception for the demo was overall pretty positive. There were definitely criticisms involving the art style and some performance concerns, most of which has been ironed out now, but the feedback on difficulty, quality of life features, and balance was really valuable, as that stuff is really difficult to discern as a solo developer.

RN: What's your personal favourite way to kill those naughty cultists?

JS: I'm a big fan of sliding towards cultists, which screws up their aim, and then hitting them in the stomach with a shotgun blast right as you come out of the slide. Cultists take time to adjust their vertical aim when your hitbox changes size, so using the slide is a great way to throw them off while closing distance.

RN: When and where can we expect to get our hands on CULTIC?

JS: I'm aiming to have the first playable segment ready to go by Q4 of 2022. That's all still very much up in the air, but I'd like to have something in the public's hands by end of 2022.

RN: And one final question... Did you ever get to be in Leg Club?!

JS: I have not yet received my official invite to the Leg Club :(

If CULTIC sound like your cup of mid-century retro horror FPS tea, you can follow Jason for updates over on Twitter or wishlist the game on Steam, ready for any news in the run-up to its hopeful release on Steam towards the end of 2022.

Thanks again to Jason Smith for sharing a bit more about CULTIC with me. I can’t wait to be running, gunning, and dishing out pain.

I will absolutely kick a cultist in the nuts—just you try and stop me.

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