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ComiXology Originals is expanding this month with a few new spooky titles as part of Frightober. We have an exclusive preview of Tremor Dose from writer Michael Conrad and artist Noah Bailey, set to debut on October 30th, 2019.

Tremor Dose is a psychological thriller playing with the idea of dreams. Everyone has them, but where do they come from? Are they even our own? The comic follows Ginn, a young college student with wildly disturbing nightmares featuring a man she's never met. She finds a flyer with his picture on it and the question “Have you dreamed this man?” so she submits to an interview that begins to unravel her perceptions of reality.

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Tremor Dose began as a small, self-published, punk rock zine project and, over the course of three years, it became a graphic novel that we poured our souls into and a book that I am incredibly proud to call my first.” says artist Noah Bailey. “It was a very fulfilling experience as an artist, to be given free reign to create the book that we wanted, without compromise and I am eager to hear the response from readers and fellow weirdos.“ 

"Tremor Dose is our beloved oddity. Noah and I have been building this story for many years.” added writer Michael Conrad. “We don’t know if it will serve as a boot to the ass of Western comics, or if it’s just a willfully unrefined expression of our truth. Ultimately the reader will determine if this book is a revolutionary act, or just pissing in the wind."

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I get a Colder vibe from Tremor Dose and that is certainly not a bad thing. I'm excited to check this book out. What makes it even better is I can do it right away when it debuts since I'm an Amazon Prime member. Tremor Dose is part of the ComiXology Originals line-up, sharing exclusive content for members of Amazing Prime through Prime Reading, Kindle Unlimited, and ComiXology Unlimited. You can also purchase digital copies with physical editions available through Amazon. 

Conrad continued "Tremor Dose is something I’m incredibly proud of. If it connects with an audience I will be honored . . . and very concerned to know that there are others like us out there."

Tremor Dose is set for release on ComiXology on October 30th, 2019.

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