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In celebration of the release of his latest Repairman Jack novel Cold City, author F. Paul Wilson is touring various blogs and sites. Instead of the standard interviews you'll find in this sort of publicity tour, Wilson is doing something different: He is interviewing Repairman Jack.

Horror DNA is fortunate enough to be part of this tour, and we are the fourth part in this series. You can find part one at Literally Jen, part two at Fade into Fantasy and part three at Horror Drive-in.

So, without further adieu, let's see what the legendary fix-it man has to say to his legendary creator.

Back again in post-Nightworld New York, all pretty much trashed by the Otherness.  I'm continuing my talk to Repairman Jack on a wide range of topics, plus throwing in some questions asked by readers.  He's reluctant to do this, so bear with me if he's not all that cooperative.

He's adamant about no more stories after
Nightworld, so I've gone back and written a trilogy based on his first years in NYC, before he became That Guy. Cold City is the first.

We're in Julio's bar which is still functioning, though barely.  Sunlight filters through the dead plants hanging in the shattered windows, and glints off the Free Beer Tomorrow… sign.  (Today the beer's free for me since Jack sprang for a couple of Yuenglings.)  His looks haven't changed since the first two installments, so check those if you want a description.  Suffice it to say he looks like everybody and nobody.

F. Paul Wilson
: Continuing with dead people: No regrets then about anyone you've done in — or caused to be done in?

Repairman Jack
: (sighs) Some of my greatest regrets come from not eliminating someone when I had the chance.

FPW: Like whom?

RJ: You're writing about him now — in that Early Years thing you're doing.

FPW: Oh…Reggie.

RJ: (shakes his head) Yeah, Reggie.  I should've listened to the Mikulski brothers, but… (a shrug) I was early on the learning curve then.  And I learned that lesson the hard way, a way that cost the lives of some dear, dear people.

FPW: Any other regrets?

RJ: Yeah.  (he stares at his beer bottle as he twists it back and forth — finally, after a deep, shuddering breath)  Emma.  If I'd got there in time…

FPW: Does Gia still think it was an accident?

RJ: (nods)

FPW: Are you ever going to tell her it was a hit?

RJ: Someday.  Maybe.  (sighs) Probably not.  I'm kind of a coward in that regard.

FPW: Heroes aren't allowed to be cowards.

RJ: Only in your books am I a hero.  In real life I can be something of a shmuck.

FPW: Well, the longer you hold off…

RJ: Yeah, yeah, I know.  And I think maybe I've already held off too long.  It's not as if it's gonna make her feel better.

FPW: But-

RJ: New subject.



Click image to enlarge.


FPW: Can I just ask if you and Gia are going to try for another baby?

RJ: Not in this world.

FPW: Okay, here's another question asked by a number of readers: Do you miss the Semmerling LM-4?

RJ: I miss the firepower — most powerful concealed carry I ever had.  But I don't miss working the slide after every shot to chamber the next round.  It looks semi-auto but it's not a self-loader — it's all manual.  

FPW: Then why buy it in the first place?

RJ: Have you ever held one?  The smallest .45 ACP ever made and cool as all hell.  I was twenty-two when I bought it.  What did I know?

FPW: What turned you against it?

RJ: I had to use it to put down that maniac on the 9 train.  (author's note: Hosts) Too many passengers saw the Semmerling and described it to the cops.  Only 600 or so were produced, so if I ever got caught with it, no chance I wouldn't get tagged for killing that guy.

FPW: But you saved a lot of people.

RJ: (snorts) You know how the courts work.


RJ: No Otherness — Ally stuff in Cold City, right?

FPW: Of course not. You knew nothing about the Conflict back then.  But that doesn't mean the Order wasn't at work.

RJ: The Order?  Where-?

FPW: Not to worry. You weren't aware of their involvement.

RJ: Then how do you-?

FPW: It's called research, my friend.  And we may even see ladies with dogs wandering through now and again.

RJ: (eye roll)  Oh, jeez…

Part five of the Repairman Jack interview will be over at Mind of the Geek on November 29th.


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