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From the media czar that reads on your search history and sells it to Russia comes original programming: Facebook Watch.

Facebook Watch’s “The Birch” visited NYCC to scare up excitement for the new short-form teen horror drama. As someone who can’t stand YA, I can tell you this is a deliciously grim show. The premise surrounds three teens with some serious problems in a slice of true Americana, a small town struggling with underemployment and drug abuse. Evie (Xaria Dotson) has a bone to pick with the drug dealers. Already having lost her mother to a cocaine overdose, they continue to harass the wannabe witch at home and in school. But every action has a consequence, and when a powerful force among the trees offers her a solution, she doesn’t think twice. And she really should have.

Complicating the storyline is the sympathetic coverage of Thurston (Dempsey Bryk), the dealer supplying Evie’s mother. Anxiously waiting until the day he turns 18 and can escape his kingpin uncle with his small brother, Thurston deals as a means to get as far away as he can. When a deal gone bad catches up with him, he makes a choice he will come to regret. If Evie doesn’t get him first.

The most mysterious storyline follows Lanie (Midori Francis). Immediately upon giving birth to her daughter Laura, the baby is swept away by her parents to be raised as her sister, hiding Lanie’s teenage pregnancy from the town and her Catholic school. Lanie originally agrees...but something’s different about Laura. And the same thing is awakening in Lanie. Violence and paranormal activities build around Lanie the longer she is kept from Laura, and an idea buried deep inside her brain is telling her it has to do with something out there in the woods.

These creepy, intertwined stories are addicting and will make you want more than the 16-20 minutes per episode. Watch it beginning October 4th on your own, or wait for Facebook to find a way to force you to watch it via autoplay. You’re going to see it, just enjoy the murder.

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