Five Horror Real Estate Listings

Homes you'll die for.

Written by Cheryl Low

Our homes are where we’re supposed to feel safe, which is exactly why horror movies and books where those homes turn against us, or are taken over by another entity, can be so chilling. In my latest novel, The Wicker Witch, a small community experiences the loss of that safety, both indoors and out. Something dangerous has returned to the forest surrounding their town and pushed in past their doors to invade their houses as well as their minds.

The residents of Wicker might just have to flee their mountain and the only homes they’ve ever known by the end.

Where should they go?

I’m Cheryl Low, author of The Wicker Witch, and I’d like to consider some other horror homes with you. Let’s look at some real estate listings on their behalf!

the amityville horror Amityville

Located on a canal, featuring a boathouse and swimming pool, this captivating five-bedroom Dutch Colonial style home will make an unforgettable resting place for you and your family. A fixer-upper with room to grow, looking for just the right person.

Imaginary friend included.

Basement recently repainted.

amityville horror house

rosemarys baby Rosemary's Baby

This 2 bedroom 1½ bath apartment in the historic Bramford, located in Manhattan’s Central Park West, would be worth any sacrifice. Featuring a large living room, corner kitchen, pantry, and secret entrance, this will prove to be the last move you ever need to make. The Bramford’s close-knit community always look out for one another and are eager to welcome new life into the old building.

rosemarys baby apartment


A newly remodeled two-story, four-bedroom home in the lovely residential area of quiet Haddonfield, Illinois. With a spacious yard for playing catch with the dog or hanging up laundry, this home is perfect for any family. Features schools within walking distance and a sense of being watched.

Full disclosure, there was a murder on the property in 1963, four in 1995, and seven in 2002—depending on the timeline you support.

halloween house

The Conjuring

A ranch house built in the 1700s, this Rhode Island residence has a rich history and will bewitch any family. With 3,109-square-feet, you and your loved ones will have room to run, in fact, with the surrounding 8.5 acres, you can even scream and no one will hear you.

The exposed wood beams lend to the rustic feel of this vintage treasure. With a home this old, you’ll never really be alone, and once you’ve settled it, it’ll never let you leave.

the conjuring house

American Horror Story

This recently remodeled Los Angeles Victorian Mansion will make all your friends jealous. With a stunning staircase, stained-glass windows, a parlor, and spacious living room downstairs, this home was built to invite guests.

A great residence for someone who wants a lot of rooms but absolutely no space to themself.

Features include an in-house maid, handy-men, therapists, doctors, murderers, moody teenagers, playful children, nurse, and a rubber man. We bet your friends don’t have that, do they?

american horror story house

Thank you for looking over these charming listings with me. I truly hope you don’t choose any of them… but if you had to, which would you pick?

Horror DNA would like to thank Cheryl for sharing this fun piece with us! You can visit her website, or follow her on Instagram and X. You can also order The Wicker Witch by clicking one of the links below!


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