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Heather Tyler

Heather Tyler stars in the new thriller House of Bad, out December 2 via Osiris Entertainment. Heather spoke to us exclusively about the looming yuletide movie treat.

Tell us how you got involved in the film?

Heather Tyler: Producers Scott Frazelle & Dorota Skrypzek saw my performance in a one-woman show about Sylvia Plath, specifically in the moments just before she commits suicide by sticking her head in the oven...it was a crazy show, wonderfully funny and tragic, an emotional roller-coaster. They brought me in to audition for Jim.

How would you sum up your character?

HDNA: Teig is a fighter to the bitter end. Life hardened her, but inside she is a broken little girl...her toughness has been necessary for survival, but really, she wants the fight to be over. It's 'her way' because she can't trust anyone else, and she carries the responsibility of protecting her sisters, too.

You all have some rather emotionally-draining scenes in the film. How do you work yourself up for those moments? and how do you come down from them?

HDNA: Jump in. You just have to commit fully and go. It's such a different beast to play an emotional arc on film for that reason – with theatre, it's a linear process, you play and reveal the arc to the audience as the playwright wrote it. Which is a natural, albeit rehearsed, approach to story-telling. Not so in this art form – just this past week, I jumped into a climactic scene for my character in a supernatural horror film I'm working on with Simon Rumley, a critically-acclaimed British director. Even on projects with much larger budgets than House of Bad, time is precious, it's literally money. So we actors don't have the luxury to play and play and play until we get it right. That's why we never stop working our improv, our training! I like taking the view of an athlete training, you train and prepare, but you never how exactly how it's going to go...that approach keeps me professional, healthy and allows me to let the emotion or the scene go. For me, it's about working that technique until you forget about it, it's trusting instinct and body memory recall.

How would you describe the film - is it a horror film? is it a thriller? revenge movie? Little bit of everything?

HDNA: I think House of Bad is a thriller/supernatural horror blend. It's like cerebral horror, if that makes sense...

Where does House of Bad rank in terms of your favorite film experiences?

HDNA: When you're working on a project, in that moment – it is the most important thing on the planet. Total commitment and respect and immersion. They're all my favorite experience, in those moments. I think my favorite changes with each project, and that's a good thing – you want to be in love with whatever you're working on, while you're doing it.

We'd like to thank Heather Tyler for taking time from her busy schedule. Watch out for House of Bad early next month!

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