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Frankenstein UnBolted Theatre Review


Written by Katie Bonham


Directed by Simon Egerton
Written by Sam Dunham
Produced by Last Chance Saloon

Sam Dunham
Jack Faires
Jack Gogarty


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The Last Chance Saloon is a collaborative comic theatre company that has previously performed at Edinburgh's Fringe festival and London Horror Festival. The company was set up in 2011 and is made up of Sam Dunham, Jack Faires and Jack Gogarty.


They return to the London Horror Festival for the second time as they inject some comedic fun into Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the famous gothic tale of a brilliant scientist who finds the key to bring the dead back to life. These guys are no strangers to the horror motif, with previous works including Dracula: Sex, Sucking and Stardom.


The story follows Victor Frankenstein as he competes with fellow classmate Henry to receive the acclaim of the science board by creating life through his reanimated monster Frankie. Frankie is far from perfect due to a botched liver and as a result has a drinking problem.


At an hour the show is well proportioned, any longer and it would have dragged on too long. The three stars of the show embody every type of comical style from slapstick to gags and puppetry. The performers should be hailed for their energy and enthusiasm for their many roles as they bounce seamlessly of off each other's reactions and create great banter.


Staged as a musical, expect many cheesy pop songs and childish gags. Sexual innuendo is at the centre of the humour and, although funny the first time, some of the gags are too regurgitated and become tiresome.


The small Etcetera theatre in Camden was packed for the show I attended and audience participation was encouraged with a few unsuspecting victims willingly obliging. The minimal set dress and props meant that the actors' engagement with the audience was a key ingredient in bringing this show to life. Frankenstein UnBolted offers more adolescent humour than cleverly devised laughs and leaves this show feeling slightly flat.


Frankenstein Unbolted has a 12+ rating and will be running for the next two evenings at the Etcetera theatre in Camden.




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