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Free horror games for Halloween

Halloween is one of my favourite days of the entire year and it’s fast approaching. I hate not having plans or something spooky nearby when Hallow’s Eve arrives, so here’s a selection of free horror games to get your heart racing when the time comes.
Turn off the lights, hide the candy from the neighbours, and prepare for scares.

Goosebumps: Night of Scares
Platform: iOS and Android

I absolutely loved Goosebumps as a kid and have been meaning to watch the well-received film (and sequel), but before I could I stumbled across this game for mobile. It has you wandering the halls of a mansion searching for pages from the books to capture the different creatures and curses that have been released. It’s an incredibly nostalgic experience and as it looks, sounds, and plays well, feels like much more than a game thrown together to latch onto the popularity of its franchise.

There’s even another game called Goosebumps: Horror Town, a spooky town simulator. I haven’t played it yet, but it’s also on iOS and Android and is meant to be addictive.

Aslan Game Studios (multiple games!)
Platforms: Various, mostly PC

free halloween games

I love giving indie developers the spotlight where I can and one such developer shared a few of their free horror games while I was working on this article. For a variety of horror games, Aslan Game Studios has you covered. Clown House, which sounds horrifying for obvious reasons; Self, a psychological horror about self-harm; Lost Answers, a horror/thriller inspired by the films of David Lynch; and even a collection of seven interactive horror stories. All created to scare you for free, and has there ever been a better time?

Evil Nun
Platforms: iOS, Android

I can’t say you’ll be playing for long because this nun is quick, but for a few quick scares from one of the horror figures of the hour, give Evil Nun a go. It’s not one of the most visually impressive games out there, but doesn’t mean it won’t get your blood pressure on the rise. Lights out. Headphones in. Avoid the nun. Friendly tip: She can crawl through vents as well. I repeat, she can crawl through vents.

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle
Platform: iOS, Android

A while ago I reviewed a horror-parody puzzle game called Slayaway Camp. Long story short, I loved it. Now, a Friday the 13th-specific puzzle game is available on iOS and Android for free. Ignore the trick-or-treaters knocking on your door and jump into a few gory puzzles set in a beloved slasher franchise. You won’t regret it.

Identity V
Platform: iOS, Android

Identity V is essentially a free mobile version of Dead by Daylight, one of my favourite asymmetric horror multiplayers, which I’m quite excited to have found. One killer, four victims, trying to escape from different locations and murderers before they’re picked off, one by one. You'd need to pay for DBD, which is honestly worth every penny, but Identity V looks like an amazing substitution if you’re not looking to part with any hard-earned cash. And by substitution, I mean a carbon copy of Dead by Daylight for mobile, with a unique introduction of detective sleuthing and gothic style - think Coraline button eyes...

Friday the 13th: The Game (free for now if you have a PSN membership)
Platforms: PlayStation, Xbox One, PC

As a classic horror franchise, it’s only natural that I’ve written about this game a few times, such as my full review. However, the game deserves it – it’s just an incredibly fun asymmetric game of cat-and-mouse that fans of the series will love for its honour of the 80s vibe, film locations, and Jason variations. And, though it’s not technically a free game, it's available on PlayStation Network right now as it’s the free PSN game for October. Download it. Now.

I could continue night after night until Halloween had come and gone, but the truth is... I'm off to play some horror now. Happy Halloween, everyone!


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