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New Town Films has released a teaser poster for its film Community ahead of its premiere at Film4 Frightfest. Take a look at the bunch of unsavoury looking characters below. Community is looking like it will be one of the hidden gems of the festival, as tickets for its Sunday 26th screening have already sold out in advance. This UK independent feature also has some strong interest from major distributors overseas, so it looks like one to beg, borrow or steal a ticket for. Actually don't steal, kids. Stealing's bad.



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Director Jason Ford says "Community is my first horror film. There is a common belief that new filmmakers choose horror because it is cheap and easy to do. Well, it’s not. In fact, in my opinion it is probably the hardest genre (alongside comedy) to get right. A simple spray of fake blood can be very time consuming and above all, you need VERY good, focused actors. These aspects alone apply extra pressure to the confines of a micro-budget.

I have always been a fan of the horror genre, though I favour the psychological over gore and that felt like something I could achieve, on a tight budget. I then asked the question “What really scares me?” As it is easier to be spooked when alone, during the dead of night, it made me think what would unnerve me during the day. I found the answer to be based in reality. The threat of freedom and ill health and being trapped both mentally and physically is pretty terrifying. This basic fear can have many connotations and haunt all of us. A mixture of ghost story and psychological horror, which is ultimately what Community is."

Sounds intriguing, and the official synopsis follows:

The Draymen Estate has become an urban legend. Amongst the sinister stories of strange locals and brutal violence, people have gone missing there. Two student filmmakers visit the estate in the hope their documentary will land them a lucrative career. Within minutes they are introduced to a skinned dog in a shallow grave.

They quickly discover that behind the awkward smiles, the adults appear to be on drugs whilst the children roam wildly, further proof that this estate is a breeding ground for the darker side of society.

A society which is about to present the students with material of unimaginable horror, turning their final project into their darkest nightmare.

will show on the discover screen on Sunday 26th August at 1535.







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