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Third place off the starting blocks on Friday 24th August will see the claustrophobic thriller Elevator from High Fliers Films grace the Discovery Screen. If the thought of being in a small place with random strangers upsets you, then stay out of the toilets at Frightfest. No, hang on, I've gone off track there. Small places, random strangers, ah yes I was supposed to be writing about Elevator, which pitches nine people in a lift against each other. One of them has a bomb that can't be defused and the other eight will do anything to survive. There is no escape and no promise of rescue. As the tension in the elevator mounts the unthinkable soon becomes the only reasonable solution.  

I'm not quite sure what the proposed "unthinkable" solution might be, but this could turn out to be one of those little gems, based almost completely round a single location, that thrills with its ingenuity.

High Fliers Films made a showing at last year's festival with the really rather good Stormhouse, featuring a quote from my review on the cover, go buy it. If you miss Elevator on the Discovery Screen (up against Hidden in the Woods on the Main Screen), you don't have long to wait because it lands on DVD 3rd September. Show some pre-order love by clicking the cover link below, which will take you to the Amazon Emporium of Delights page for the film. Splendid.

Links: Frightfest | High Fliers Films

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