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One of the popular films at Glasgow Frightfest 2012 was the Manetti Brothers' L'Arrivo Di Wang, a sci-fi horror movie about a visitor from another planet. Not to be pigeon-holed and confined to a single genre, the borthers are back with the serial killer movie Paura (Fear) in 3D. The synopsis does make it sound like one of any generic "kids go meddling where they shouldn't, kids get dead" scenarios, but knowing the Italians there will be some stylish visuals and a unique approach to the story.

There are some chances in life that it might be better not to take...

Marco (CLAUDIO DI BIAGIO), Simone (LORENZO PEDROTTI) and Ale (DOMENICO DIELE) are long time friends. They went to school together and now hang out in their Rome neighbourhood in the suburbs where nothing ever happens. One weekend they find themselves with the keys to a beautiful villa on the outskirts of town. It belongs to the Marquis Lanzi (PEPPE SERVILLO) who is going to be away for a short holiday period.

The Marquis is a weird guy, a collector of vintage cars, and one of mechanic Ale’s best customers – the reason they have the keys to his luxury mansion as he took them from the glove box of the vehicle he was servicing. All the guys want to do is raid the fridge, use the swimming pool, play the video games and drive around in his expensive motors without a care in the world.But there is one place they should never have explored...

The basement.

For the Marquis is hiding a terrifying secret there. And once the boys find out what it is, their lives can never be the same again.

Notable for his inclusion is Italian special effects supremo Sergio Stivaletti, long time collaborator with Dario Argento, who the brothers have worked with on previous films. There's also the contentious issue of the film having been shot in 3D, with many cinema goers being vocally opposed to the technology and not every viewer having a pleasant experience. Italian audiences seem to agree; Paura 3D was released theatrically in its native country across almost 200 theatres, yet the box-office return was a reported 97 Euros per screen over the first three days. A fairly slow start which picked up to a total revenue of 180,000 Euros for its entire run. It was the lowest grossing period for the Italian film market in 20 years due to a massive heatwave.  Although it seems a British heatwave is unlikely, it would take much more than a bit of weather to keep the Frightfest die hards out of the theatre.

Paura 3D will screen on Saturday 25th of August in the main auditorium. If 3D gives you a headache, the special effects documentary Nightmare Factory is showing in the Discovery Screen at roughly the same time, or possibly the Manetti Brothers' L'Arrivo Di Wang in the Re-Discovery Screen if your desire for Italian horror is high.


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