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If you like your giallo hot and steamy then prepare to loosen your collar on Saturday night at Frightfest. Director Federico Zampaglione has been called "The Italian Rob Zombie" as his day job is as guitarist in Italian rock band Tiromancino, and here he presents an erotically charged murder mystery centered around a businesswoman who frequents a sleazy nightclub in search of a higher Zen consciousness. This is Zampaglione's second film after his debut, Shadow.

“TULPA will be a career defining movie for me”, says Zampaglione. “No question about that fact. Shadow was well received but it was just my first step on the ladder as a genre filmmaker. All eyes will be on Tulpa to see how I’ve progressed and that Shadow wasn’t just a lucky accident. I want it to be fabulous because, like everyone else in the Italian Film Industry, I’ve hated how our homegrown horror movies have slipped by the wayside in recent decades. Italy used to rule the world with their horror product and they were such valuable export commodities. My intention is to spearhead a new trend for exciting and extreme Italian horror and make it internationally viable again. Tulpa marks the return of that great Italian genre staple the giallo thriller that I know a global audience is anxiously waiting for”.

Read on for the official synopsis:

Dare you enter the Tantric Terror of TULPA?

Meet Lisa Boeri (CLAUDIA GERINI), the personification of a respectable and upwardly mobile businesswoman. By day she’s the ultimate driven professional, at the top of her game working for a multi-international powerhouse company owned by CEO Roccaforte (MICHELE PLACIDO).

But by night she’s a totally different person from the coldly efficient and emotionally immune individual she projects as office manager. For she frequents the notoriously unconventional Club Tulpa, owned by Kiran (NUOT ARQUINT), a mysterious Tibetan guru who teaches a philosophy that true freedom comes by having sex with as many partners as possible.

There she indulges varied sexual pleasures with total abandonment. Free from repression and guilt, Lisa will do anything any unknown stranger desires to attain a higher Zen consciousness. As dangerous, thrill-seeking excitement becomes an increasing part of the fabric of her erotic enlightenment, suddenly her numerous lovers start getting murdered in horribly shocking ways.

Lisa can’t go to the police because the scandal of her private life simply cannot be allowed to impact on her very public one. So she tries to unmask the anonymous assassin herself... with truly nightmare consequences.

Vice or Versa, Lisa’s double life is coming back to haunt her.

Tulpa screens as the penultimate film of the night on Saturday 25th August.


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