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One of the most anticipated films to screen at this year's Frightfest is the micro budget Troma love letter that is Banjo. Inspired by true events and adapted from a successful short by the same name, we see how a very determined and resourceful first time director, Liam Regan, made his horror dreams come true in bringing Banjo to life. As a diehard Frighfest attendee, Regan will not only be attending the festival, but also premiering his feature to the horror community that he has grown with. Check out the trailer and synopsis below.

Banjo follows Peltzer Arbuckle, a guy ridiculed and bullied by his co-workers and girlfriend, who displays very little joy with life. Peltzer has an unfortunate accident in the bedroom, only to find out that his girlfriend has shared this with everyone he knows. Peltzer finally snaps and calls upon his imaginary friend Ronnie to 'help' him out. The only problem is that Ronnie's help comes in the form of copious amounts of violent revenge; and as the body count rises, can Peltzer take control of his future and stop the mounting death toll, or has Ronnie gone too far this time? Grab your rain macs folks, this one is gonna get bloody...

There are an abundance of references to Regan's favourite horror films throughout and we also see some familiar faces pop up; including Laurence R Harvey (The Human Centipede 2 & 3) and Dan Palmer (Stalled). Banjo is an impressive debut from a die-hard horror fan who took his love of horror films to the next level and became a strong contender as one of the UK's growing talents.

Banjo will host its world premiere in Discovery Screen 3 on Monday 31st August at 10:45am.

Meet Peltzer Arbuckle, a meek and bullied office employee, humiliated by his megalomaniac boss, teasing colleagues and his cheating partner. Peltzer spends his days in misery, stuck in his own mundane, nightmarish reality.

Once news about his embarrassing sexual accident makes its way around the workplace, Peltzer decides to put up with his humiliation no more, and conjures up his childhood imaginary friend Ronnie. Peltzer's world is soon turned upside down, when Ronnie attempts to manipulate him to exact revenge on his tormenting co-workers in the most gruesome fashion.

As the body count stacks up, Peltzer must ultimately decide whether to run away from his past or take control of his future, as he battles between sanity and madness in this twisted tale of infidelity, revenge and snapped banjo strings.


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