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One of the more unusual foreign offerings at Frightfest 2015 is Russian director Pavel Khvaleev's supernatural fairytale, III. From the trailer and synopsis this looks like the lovechild of Inception and Pan's Labyrinth as a young girl must travel through her sister's subconscious, confronting the creatures and monsters that lurk in the darkest recesses of her mind. And check out that cinematography, it looks gorgeous.

Khvaleev describes the film, "One of my most underlying fears has always been to lose someone I love most. Some fears accompany us all our lives and then we find ourselves hostages of our fear for as long as we live. In the visceral deep and dark battling sceneries of our subconscious fears horrific images raise monsters, demons, gnashing of flesh, each arousing greater horror. Fear on its turn weakens and controls us. In order to cure her sister the main heroine undergoes several obstacles and trials of fear. The basis for the healing procedure constitutes a ritual from shamanism, one of the most ancient and powerful religions. Its intersection with Catholicism, which is supported by world historians, plays a crucial role in the film. In III the intertwined atmosphere is created by the secret shamanic rituals and the artistic images of the mid-20th century. One of the special effects is created by music expressed in detail for each episode in order to represent the multifaceted world of the created images. Whether they are part of our consciousness or not, the different levels of the visible reality and those of the subconscious are always present and manifest themselves in our existence."

III will have its UK premiere in Frightfest Discovery Screen 2 on Friday 28th August.

During the outbreak of a mysterious deadly epidemic devastating a rural European village, sisters Ayia and Mirra promise their dying mother to look after each other to the end of their lives. When Mirra the younger sister falls victim to the epidemic, Ayia in desperation realizes that conventional medicine will not save her sister. At the local priest's house Ayia discovers a collection of Shamanic books containing a series of mystic drawings which she deciphers as a ritual for spiritual healing, which she believes will save her sister. The Shamanic cure involves a complete immersion into the patient's mind, a journey into the deepest most hidden depths of their subconscious where terrifying monsters and demons reside.

Will Ayia cope when she faces the obscure depths of her sister's subconscious where terrifying monster may lay in waiting?

The closer to the bottom of the ocean, the darker it gets...


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