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Among the hidden gems in the Frightfest Discovery screens are the myriad foreign oddities that crop up, and this year none looks more odd than Valentín Javier Diment's tale of rural sex and shenanigans The Rotten Link (El eslabón podrido). This Argentinian movie, described by Diment as "a tragic fable", was first screened as a rough cut at Cannes where the Frightfest team immediately snagged it for the August festival. The cast is comprised of established and recognised actors from Argentina, including Marilú Marini in the role of Ercilia, supported by Luis Ziembrowski and Paula Brasca. The Rotten Link will be a Discovery Screen 2 European premiere on Friday 28th August at 1.00pm.

In an isolated countryside village with just 20 houses lives Raulo, a 50 year-old backward lumberjack, with Ercilia his senile witch doctor mother and Roberta his sister who is also the town's favourite young prostitute. They unconditionally love and take care of each other, but when Ercilia feels the closeness of death she insistently warns Roberta: unless has sexual intercourse with all the men in town, the town will discard her, dismiss her and she will die. And there is only one man in town she has not been with: Sicilio, who is deeply in love with Roberta, but if his wife finds out he has been with her she won't hesitate in killing him.


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