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2017 06 30 3rd Night

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With the announcement of Horror Channel Frightfest's full lin-up for its August 2017 event, it's time to kick off our series of closer looks at some of the films that will screen over the five day weekend. First up we have the Australian peeping Tom, kitchen-sink horror 3rd Night from director Adam Gravely. An accomplished commercial filmmaker, this marks Gravely's debut as a feature film director.

Inspired by true events, 3rd Night tells the terrifying story of newlyweds Jonathan and Megan Reid, who move to country West Australia to start their dream life. The honeymoon is soon over though when their beloved cat, Nook, goes missing on the first night and they receive threatening notes from the mysterious Watcher setting in motion a series of unnerving and chilling events determined to tear their dream life apart and turn it into a living nightmare.

Speaking on the film he says, "The initial idea for 3rd Night came after my brother-in-law sent me a news story out of upstate New York where a family was terrorised by an unknown Watcher who left creepy notes for them to find around the property. This got me thinking... can you make a movie where you don’t see the antagonist, where you don’t see the monster? And can you put the audience in the head and watch through the eyes of the killer so that they become the Watcher? These were a couple of the ideas I was exploring with 3rd Night.

I wanted us, the audience, to watch and observe the film and the story as it unfolds so I used a lot of single takes because I felt a cut would interrupt the continuity of the observing. I likened it to sitting down in a crowded street and watching the world go by. Your view remains the same and people come and go within that, you can look left and right but you can’t cut to another angle.

My influences for 3rd Night were the classics I grew up with - Last House on the Left (Wes Craven), Rosemary’s Baby (Roman Polanski), The Wicker Man (Robin Hardy) - these were all about people in horrendous situations, there was a truth to them and I wanted to try and capture that honesty. Much of the violence happens off screen and we’re shown the aftermath and my hope is that the horror will live on in the minds of the audience long after they’ve finished watching the film."

3RD NIGHT receives its world premiere on 26th August in the Cineworld Discovery Screen, with a second showing on 28th August. For tickets go to: http://www.frightfest.co.uk/tickets.html

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