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 2018 08 23 frightfest 2018 day three

Frightfest 2018 - Day Three Roundup

Written by Ryan Holloway

God had created the night, day, sea, land and vegetation on the Third Day, perhaps this explains the vegetative state of some of us as we enter Day 3 of the festival.

On the subject of fictional characters, we’ve been spoiled once more with tales of demons, ‘Trampires’, slashers and the most horrific of all; Frightfest media pass holders, although we’re very, very real.

There was a real highlight for us as we were lucky enough to talk to The Ranger director Jenn Wexler and the film’s star Chloe Levine as well as Crystal Eyes creators Ezequiel Endelman and Leandro Montejano. Expect those interviews to hit the site soon; they were all so fascinating to talk to so we hope you find it equally entertaining.

ravers poster heretiks poster

So let's dive in to the main screen that started with the World Premiere of Ravers, a silly movie about a girl who is trapped at a rave as the crowd mutates after drinking a contaminated beverage. It echoes a lot of Day 2 evenings for people so the hangovers aren’t quite clearing after this one.

Another film getting its World Premiere is Heretiks, based in the 17th century, it centers on a girl who has been falsely accused of Witchcraft and put on trial. She’s saved by a nun but things get scary when she realises evil really does exist. Director Paul Hyett doesn’t quite reach the witty heights of Howl but it certainly has its moments.

Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires is a lot of fun and a thoroughly entertaining animation about the titular Chuck who has to prevent a plague of Trampires (Tramp, Vampire hybrids of course! Duh), taking over LA. Set in the 80s, the film seems to have license to be pretty relaxed with political correctness but it’s worth the ride.

Next up was potentially the film of the Festival, Colin Minihan’s What Keeps You Alive. It’s very hard to talk about without constant spoilers but we strongly recommend it. The plot sees Jules (Brittany Allen) and Jackie (Hannah Emily Anderson) go to a forest getaway to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary, things soon get very violent in this psychological thrill-piece that is scary, funny, touching and beautiful. Both leads are superb. You won’t be able to tear your eyes from the screen for a second. Great stuff.

fright fest poster chuck steel night of the trampires poster

The penultimate film, a special preview from Fandom, is one that has been gaining a lot of positive vibes over the last few weeks, Insidious: Chapter 3 director Leigh Whannell’s sci-fi thriller Upgrade. Starring Logan Marshall-Green as Grey Trace, who becomes a quadriplegic in a car accident. His wife doesn’t survive the crash and her death seems to be part of a larger plot. Grey’s only hope to get revenge is to let a rich tech-mad acquaintance implant a chip called STEM into his body which will help him achieve incredible physical and mental strength. Things get weird when STEM starts to talk to him - think KITT as if he was in Michael Knight’s head. It’s exciting and often very funny with splashes of gore that make Upgrade one to watch. Its part Robocop, part The Matrix, part awesome!

If you want your film to show at Frightfest then it’ll be a shoe-in if you call it Fright Fest, the final film on the main screen. It’s Halloween night and the Mayor of a small town hosts a live Fright Fest event in an abandoned lunatic asylum, not very PC, I believe its ‘people prone to moments of Lunacy asylum’ these days. Things go unsurprisingly wrong when a van of prisoners crash outside the event and thinking that it’s all part of the performance the Frightfesters meet grisly ends.

Over on the Discovery screen, Killing God from directors Caye Casas and Albert Pinto was a highlight. It’s an interesting tale about God visiting a dinner party and telling the guests that humanity is about to be wiped out and they can choose who survives. Who would you choose?

killing god poster what keeps you alive poster

The Prince Charles screen gave us the European Premiere of The Tokoloshe, a South African horror about a woman who gets a job as a cleaner in a creepy hospital and meets an abandoned girl who just might be tormented by a supernatural power. It’s unusual stuff with a particular gloppy creature.

Day 4 will soon be upon us and we can’t wait, The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot? Er, hell yeah! We’re also hearing great things about Videoman and the Prince Charles Cinema will be hosting the quite brilliant Tigers Are Not Afraid, if you haven’t already seen it then check it out, its beautiful and scary in equal measure with an exceptional cast of youngsters.

It’s been a blast so far this year and people are really getting into the spirits (yes, it’s a booze joke). Oh and is a latex clown outfit with nipple tassles too much for closing day? Asking for a friend... who really needs to get it ordered so do let me know.

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