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2016 07 13 They Call Me Jeeg



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Of the more unusual offerings at this year's Horror Channel Frightfest is Gabriele Mainetti's They Call Me Jeeg (or They Call Me Jeeg Robot in some cases), a low-fi Italian superhero movie that seems to blend elements of The Toxic Avenger and Deadpool. Gabriele Mainetti is an Italian director, writer, actor and composer whose short films have won multiple awards, including a shortlisting for the 86th Academy Awards. Read on for the official info, stills and trailer.

Tor Bella Monaca, an extreme suburb of Rome. Enzo Ceccoti, a blue-collar convict who, after falling from the ninth floor, finds himself with just a few scratches on his body and apparent invulnerability.

Dark, mysterious, introvert and totally indifferent to the superhero appeal, Enzo welcomes his supernatural powers with open arms and decides to apply them to his criminal career. Superhuman strength becomes his secret weapon to shatter ATMs and rob cash-in-transit vehicles. Rival gang bosses are furious because their criminal enterprises are plummeting. The common objective for everyone is taking out Enzo.

The situation continues until Enzo meets a girl from the suburbs. Childish, sensual and psychologically unstable, the sole orphan of an occasional accomplice, Alessia represents the conscience Enzo believes he buried a long time ago. His apocalyptic fantasies, populated by the characters derived from the Japanese anime Jeeg Robot, animate the life of the “super-villain” within him, who after much resistance surrenders to love.

Thanks to Alessia, Enzo opens up to a new world. For the first time through his eyes he is able to see different and distinct individuals, each having their own history and problems, as opposed to the confused crowd of forms he previously used to see. However, recognising the human element in others means showing them interest and defending them if need be, even at the cost of giving up something. The road to becoming a hero is mined with pitfalls and with the hatred of his rivals. What is Enzo prepared to give up in order to make it?

They Call Me Jeeg is a UK preview on Friday 26th August at 6.15pm in Horror Channel Screen, 9.15pm in Arrow Video Screen and 11.30pm in Splice Media Screen. For tickets go to: http://www.frightfest.co.uk/tickets.html


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