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2016 07 14 Directors Cut



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The last time Adam Rifkin graced the screen at Frightfest was in 2011 when his 'Wadzilla' segment showed as part of the splat-pack anthology feature, Chillerama. Now, in 2016, he's returning to Horror Channel Frightfest with his crowdfunded feature that stars American magician Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller fame, he's the one that talks).

In an effort to break down exactly what the movie is all about, Rifkin says "Director's Cut is an actual crowdfunded movie about a fictitious crowdfunded movie in which one of the film's fictitious crowdfunders kidnaps the actual star of the movie-within-the-movie so that he can make his own amateur third movie out of stolen footage from the second movie along with additional amateur footage he shoots himself, which ultimately creates a fourth movie which is the movie-within-the-movie-within-the-movie-within-the-movie that we call Director's Cut".

Still with me? Nope? OK, how about this as a further explanation: "I guess you could say it’s the cinematic equivalent of the Droste effect, which is the visual sensation of infinity one gets when standing between two mirrors. Or the image of a man holding a painting of a man holding a painting of a man holding a painting, ad infinitum. Even though the whole twisted mess seems like a puzzle within a riddle that leapt into an abyss, it actually makes perfect sense when watching it. I swear!"

OK, Adam, I guess the best way is just to watch the film. Read on for the official info, stills and trailer.

The ultimate ‘meta movie’, DIRECTOR’S CUT is an insane, cinematic sleight of hand trick that reflects on itself, much like the stage persona of its co-star and creator, world famous illusionist Penn Jillette. Here, teamed with acclaimed Director Adam Rifkin, Jillette conjures a mind-bending, genre-defying movie-within-a-movie mash-up that’s part narrative thriller, part docu-mental-case. Starring Missi Pyle, DIRECTOR’S CUT is about a cineaste stalker who kidnaps his favourite actress and forces her to star in his amateur movie. The madness that unspools behind the scenes will leave you reeling.

Director's Cut Links: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter

Director's Cut receives its European premiere on Monday 29th August at 3.30pm in Horror Channel Screen, 11.00am in Arrow Video Screen and 1.45pm in Splice Media Screen . For tickets go to: http://www.frightfest.co.uk/tickets.html


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