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2016 07 21 The Unraveling



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Thomas Jakobsen's directorial debut will make its UK premiere at Horror Channel Frightfest 2016. The Danish-born director, who studied theatre in Oklahoma before moving to LA to work on documentaries, short films and music videos had this to say about the film, "The Unraveling was a movie idea developed one late night in my living room with my friend and co-writer Justin Monroe. The events were inspired by a "Danish-style" bachelor party I had been a part of years ago in Denmark.

The party is basically a rite-of-passage event where the unfortunate bachelor is hazed in numerous, crazy ways as a payback for leaving his friends behind. Of course, it's all in good fun, but most Danish bachelors are relieved to crawl back to their bride-to-be in one piece. We thought it could be fun to take that concept and push it to the extreme, creating an intensely wild ride from beginning to end. With very little money and a few good friends we set out to do the whole project on our own, and I am very grateful for the results...

This movie was truly a collaborative, skin-of-your-teeth effort in every way, and the fact that we now have a finished film that seems to work is to me a small miracle. I truly hope you enjoy the ride and will appreciate all the hard work we put into this little film".


Michael is a basically decent guy with a pregnant girlfriend, great friends - and one massive drug problem. Because he missed his own Las Vegas bachelor party being too stoned, his four besties decide to kidnap him for a weekend of roughing it in the California wilderness. Caught off guard by this surprise camping trip and his nose candy supply dwindling, Michael is shocked when his buddies start being ritually murdered one by one. Suspecting it’s the vicious drug dealer he cheated getting bloody revenge, Michael’s life swirls out of all control as the real truth is revealed.

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The Unraveling receives its UK premiere on Monday 29th August 2016 at 10.50am in Discovery Screen Two. For tickets go to: http://www.frightfest.co.uk/tickets.html


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